The central Ohio-based Singing Buckeyes chorus and the Ohio State University Men’s Glee Club will share a stage when the groups perform in Pickerington on Sunday, Feb. 16.

The singing groups are scheduled to come together for a “Buckeyes in Song” concert at 3 p.m. at Epiphany Lutheran Church, 268 Hill Road N., Pickerington.

“We’ve made a habit the last five years that when we do a show, we try to partner with another group,” said Chad Wulf, the Singing Buckeyes musical director. “It just makes the show more interesting, and we like to do something together, a joint number.”

The Singing Buckeyes is a central Ohio-based barbershop harmony group that features singers ranging from 14 to 90 years old.

The Singing Buckeyes was established in 1950 and have represented the Johnny Appleseed District at the Barbershop Harmony Society’s international competition 17 times. It has finished in the top 10 at the competition six times and placed as high as seventh in the world.

The Ohio State Men’s Glee Club is an all-male choral ensemble founded in 1875. Club members said it is the 12th-oldest collegiate glee club in the U.S.

The group was named Choir of the World in 1990 by the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod.

The Pickerington concert will feature performances by both choruses, as well as subgroups.

Buckeye Blend, Re-Routed and Top Shelf – all quartets of the Singing Buckeyes – will perform, as will the Statesmen, an a cappella group from the glee club.

“It will be fast-paced, and there will be a lot of variety,” Wulf said. “On a cold February day, what better thing is there to do than go see some a cappella singing?”

Hank Shuster, an 81-year-old Singing Buckeyes member who lives in Hilliard, said he is looking forward to the concert.

He said he performed in the Ohio State Men’s Glee Club while in college in the 1950s, and he has served two stints in the Singing Buckeyes from 1965 to 1971 and from 1998 to present.

“There are a few songs that the glee club sings that are Ohio State songs,” Shuster said.

“One of them is the alma mater, ‘Carmen Ohio.’

“We will in fact be singing that together and that will be a thrill.”

Shuster, who will direct during the performance of “Carmen Ohio,” said he and fellow Singing Buckeyes members have a “basic love of the four-part male chord.”

“When it’s sung correctly, it produces goosebumps,” he said.

“It will be exciting to present to the audience two somewhat different styles of music.”

Clintonville resident Dave Kindinger said he has been performing with the Singing Buckeyes for about 25 years and is a former international champion barbershop singer.

“We have a great time,” Kindinger said. “We’re also really excited about singing with the men’s glee club. This is a connection we’ve tried to build over the past several decades, but the groups have kind of run parallel to one another.

“These guys (in the men’s glee club) are good, and this is our chance for those guys to experience what we do.”

Kindinger said he is looking forward to the choruses performing and feeding off each other’s energy, as well as sharing their talents with the audience.

“Part of our mission is reaching out to groups and sharing what we do because singing is a lifelong endeavor,” he said.

“Our lives are always enhanced by performing, and we hope our audiences lives will be enhanced, too.”

Tickets to the Feb. 16 concert are $10 and may be purchased by contacting John Long at 614-579-6359 or Tickets also will be available at the door for $15.