The Dublin City Schools Board of Education has adjusted class-size limits for students in kindergartent through fifth grade.

Board members voted 5-0 during their Feb. 10 meeting.

According to a Feb. 5 memo to board members, Superintendent Todd Hoadley recommended classes be capped at 24 students for grades K-1, 26 for grades 2-3 and 28 for grades 4-5 at elementary schools with a free- and reduced-priced-lunch program percentage under 25%.

For elementary schools with a free- and reduced-priced-lunch percentage higher than that, class sizes will be capped at 23 students for K-1, 25 for 2-3 and 27 for 4-5, according to the memo.

The changes are effective June 1, according to the memo.

Class sizes for this school year are 26 for grades K-1, 28 for grades 2-3 and 30 for grades 4-5, said Tracey Deagle, a Dublin deputy superintendent.

Class-size caps were increased after the defeat of the district’s 2011 levy request, Hoadley said.

But because two subsequent levies were successful, he said, the caps should be returned to their limits prior to the 2011 levy request.

He said community members have requested smaller class sizes.

The approval represents a return to 2011 class-cap levels and the recognition that the district has a diverse school system, Hoadley said. Some buildings have a higher percentage of students coming from poverty than other buildings, he said.

“We have always been a district of equity,” Hoadley said, spreading resources where they are needed.

Hoadley said the five schools that are designated to have lower class-size caps based on free and reduced lunch statistics are Wright Elementary School, Hopewell Elementary School, Riverside Elementary School, Olde Sawmill Elementary School and Thomas Elementary School.

Hoadley said the district would examine those statistics on an annual basis.

Board members also approved with 5-0 votes:

*A resolution to renew Hoadley’s contract and reemploy him for a term beginning Aug. 1, 2021, and ending July 31, 2025.

*A resolution to establish the Dublin Innovation Incubator and approve job descriptions for a director and manager for the program.

*A resolution to approve a guaranteed maximum price amendment for $42,253,983 for build-out and site construction for Elford Inc. for "middle school five," 9015 Gardenia Drive, which will connect to Abraham Depp Elementary School in Jerome Village and open in August 2021.

Hoadley’s annual salary under the new contract will be $191,449, according to the contract information provided by district treasurer Brian Kern. Hoadley’s benefits package will be $53,746.90, for a total compensation of $245,195.90. His salary for the 2019-2020 school year is $184,015, with a benefits package of $51,207.50, for a total compensation of $235,222.50.

His salary for the 2020-21 school year will be $187,695, with benefits totaling $59,470.50, for a total compensation of $247,165.50.

District officials said they are looking to develop an incubator at the Emerald Campus for entrepreneurial-minded students to develop businesses.