Annie Oakley was born in rural Darke County, near the Indiana border north of Greenville, as Phoebe Ann Moses.

Her early life was difficult, living briefly in the Darke County Infirmary, doing household chores for a neighboring family when she was 10 and supporting her family by hunting and trapping.

At 15, she challenged a famous sharpshooter, Frank Butler, to a shooting match. She beat him in 25 shots -- and eventually married him.

In 1882, she took the stage name of Annie Oakley and a few years later began traveling with the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show.

She performed several times at the Arlington Gun Club, near Fifth and Arlington avenues.

The gun club was the site of many shooting competitions and performances, including the 1908 Grand American Handicap Trap Shoot.

Oakley also appeared with the Sells Brothers Circus, which wintered just north of what would become Grandview Heights in Sellsville.

This photo, from the Library of Congress, was taken in 1894.