The Bexley Board of Education on Feb. 4 unanimously approved the hiring of three people for positions: assistant middle school principal, coordinator of special education and behavior analyst.

The latter two are new and are to be funded primarily by state grants, according to Superintendent Kimberly Pietsch Miller.

"Two of these positions could be almost completely funded by grants, and the middle school principal is simply a replacement of the (current) interim role," she said.

The salary range for the assistant middle school principal is $97,800 and $108,400, depending on the successful candidate's education and experience, district spokesman Tyler Trill said.

The salary ranges for the behavior analyst and coordinator of special education have not yet been determined, Trill said, but the district anticipates the behavior analyst being 100% funded by state grants and the coordinator of special education being 75% funded by state grants, with the district covering the remainder of the salary.

According to the job descriptions, both the analyst and coordinator would require a master's degree. Both would report to the district's director of student services.

The district plans to fill the positions soon, but a specific timetable has not been established, Trill said.

"The district will be thorough and diligent in the interview processes to ensure we find the right fits," he said in an email.

According to the job descriptions:

* The middle school assistant principal will assist the Bexley Middle School principal in the overall administration of the school, ensure students' safety, coordinate student activities and develop and implement disciplinary procedures among other duties.

* The coordinator of special education will coordinate services for students with disabilities, including psychological, speech and hearing services; monitor the placement of students in schools outside the district and coordinate transportation services as needed; and assist building administrators in implementing and improving special-education programs in their buildings, including all required state and local tests.

* The behavior analyst will assess students with behavioral, psychological, developmental or social disabilities and develop treatment plans. The analyst also would serve as a liaison between students receiving special-education services and outside providers, including private psychiatrists, psychologists and community agencies.

In other business, the board approved changing the names of Bexley High School choirs. The Women's Glee Club is now the Treble Glee Club, the Men's Glee Club is now the Bass Glee Club and the Women's Chorale is now the Chorale.

Amy Johnston Blosser, director of choirs at Bexley High School, said the name changes are more inclusive and more accurately reflect the groups' composition.

"That way, you're dealing still with treble voices and bass voices," she said. "It's not by gender, but it's by whatever the voice is."