The city of Canal Winchester plans to spend more than $900,000 to repair streets and sidewalks throughout the city this year, surpassing the more than $600,000 spent in each of the past two years, according to Matt Peoples, the city's public-services director.

"The general fund is doing very well from a revenue standpoint, so we're able to get more projects in," he said. "Our economy here is doing very well. We have new businesses coming in, and income-tax revenue is up. We can put that money back into the streets."

The proposed projects include work on West Waterloo and Saylor streets; Williamson Lane; Hilliard and Hemmingford drives; expansion of the city pool parking lot; the Tussing-Bachmann ditch path; and general pavement work and the city's sidewalk program, Peoples said in his report to council Feb. 3.

Typically, work, which includes resurfacing, asphalt pavement crack-filling and sidewalk repairs, begins in early April.

In addition, a 2-mile stretch of Gender Road, from U.S. Route 33 south to the corporation limit, will be resurfaced through the Ohio Department of Transportation's Urban Paving Program, which provides 80% funding for eligible projects.

The city's portion of the more than $1 million project is estimated at $361,066. However, finals costs will be based on actual bids, Peoples said.

City Council will vote on the project after bids are received in March.

Gender Road last was resurfaced through the ODOT program in 2010.

Traffic statistics indicate more than 36,000 vehicles travel through the Gender Road-Route 33 corridor every day.

"Basically, one lane will be closed down through there, until you get to Groveport Road," said Peoples, who said a timeline has not been set for the project. "It should go relatively quickly. But at times, there will be backups. We don't have a lot of details on this yet. It's just being bid out for a spring construction."

As part of this, ODOT also might upgrade the traffic signals from "loops" to cameras.

"It's cheaper to do that than replace all the loops we have in the pavement," Peoples said.

Information about the street program is available on the city's website: