Verizon Wireless’ plans to “relocate” some employees from its Hilliard campus could eliminate the jobs of up to 496 workers, depending upon if they find jobs elsewhere in the company.

Affected workers may apply for similar jobs elsewhere or other jobs at Verizon’s Hilliard facility, or they could apply to work from home, said David Weissmann, a Verizon communications manager.

“The 496 is the maximum number of job losses,” he said. “The actual number will be lower than that.”

Those unable to find other Verizon jobs will be given “a generous severance,” Weissmann said.

Verizon has told state officials it will close its Business Government Customer Operations center and Customer Service Support Team operation, both at 5000 Britton Parkway. The company also will shrink its Credit Order Review services at the same address.

Weissmann said those call-center functions are being consolidated in larger Verizon hubs.

He said “several hundred” employees will remain at Verizon’s Hilliard center, but he was unable to provide an exact number.

ThisWeek had learned about the changes Feb. 6.

“As part of our continuing efforts to best serve our customers, today we shared with our teams at our Hilliard, OH campus that some call center employees will be given options to relocate to other like centers, become home-based agents, or apply for other jobs in the company,” a statement sent to ThisWeek on Feb. 6 by Weissmann said. “Our employees are highly trained, skilled and experienced, and we want as many of them as possible to stay with us. Our Hilliard facility will continue to be home to Verizon employees and is an important part of our operations. We remain committed to supporting the local community.”

At the time, Weissmann did not provide specific answers when asked how many employees in Hilliard are affected by the relocation options, how many employees work on the campus at present and where the relocation options would be, but he did provide a timeline for the changes.

“We are providing our employees with a number of options that they need to consider with their families,” Weissmann said. “They are highly skilled, and we want to retain as many of them as possible. We will continue to have several hundred employees based in Hilliard and thousands of employees in the state including employees that take home-based-agent roles.

“All changes will be completed in early April.”

A letter dated Feb. 6 that a Verizon employee sent to ThisWeek seemed to address the planned changes and set an April 6 date.

“This is to advise you that, due to reductions, restaffing or reorganization of the workforce in your organization, your position has been impacted,” the letter said. “If you do not secure another position prior to the end of your notification period, your last day on Verizon payroll will be 4/6/2020.”

ThisWeek editor Neil Thompson contributed to this story.