In scheduling the Bexley City Schools' State of the Schools event for Feb. 26, we considered how transparency is essential to our success as a public school district.

We strive to share our achievements, areas for improvement and our plan for how we will continue to accomplish our mission to engage, equip and empower each student for success.

We know we have a big, important mission. We stay on track by breaking it down into four key areas: build upon a student-centered learning culture, open doors that lead to future and expansive learning opportunities, leverage and grow vital community relationships and develop a high performing team. As we make progress in all of these areas simultaneously, our district will continue its tradition of excellent education and our students will become more engaged, equipped and empowered in the process.

Our district is only able to make progress because of the support from our community. The Bexley community not only passed the November levy with 68% support, but also joined in our efforts to support and educate our entire community. Many Bexley organizations, businesses and nonprofits have participated in the Bexley Parent Institute focused on engaging, equipping and empowering parents and partnered in the Bexley Be Well campaign focused on improving student mental wellness.

Our community, our families and our students are better off when we work together toward these big goals.

Prior to the November levy, Bexley Schools had not requested new funding from the community in nine years. The district was able to do that partially by not making major improvements or changes. But, in order to achieve our mission and provide the exceptional educational experience our community expects, our district could not continue on that path any longer.

Educating students today requires more than preparing students for standardized tests. We recognize that changes are needed to provide Bexley students with modern learning opportunities and individualized support. The world is changing rapidly, and we must also evolve in order to be responsible to what our students need and to remain a leader in public education.

That is why the Bexley BOLD Blueprint was created. Our blueprint was developed as a six-year plan. We defined our big mission as four key focus areas with goals and objectives. The district is currently two years into the plan and making strides in every area.

During the State of the Schools event, our intention was to share in detail about each of the four key areas. it was also to be a time of sharing stories of our achievements, examples of areas we are focused on improving and details about our plan to reach our objectives.

Anyone who would like to learn more about our goals and objectives, may watch the State of the Schools address on our Facebook page or YouTube channel or you can find the link on our website.

Bexley City Schools Superintendent Kimberly Pietsch Miller submitted the Bexley Bold column.