Later this month, all Grandview Heights Schools residents will receive a copy of the latest Quality Profile report of our school district.

The purpose of the Quality Profile is to provide community members with a deeper understanding of all that goes into a Grandview Heights Schools education.

The annual Ohio state report card is one instrument that provides a look at a school district's academic results. While this information is important, there's a lot more to a high-quality education beyond a data point on a state test.

In our Quality Profile, we share how Grandview Heights Schools seeks to achieve our mission to maximize and personalize every student's learning.

The district's academic performance and growth continue to soar well above state and national averages.

As a district, we continue to monitor our state and national metrics to ensure our school district provides our students with the experiences and skills they need to guide their college and career decisions and succeed in today's ever-changing world.

We offer a well-rounded education that includes rigorous coursework to prepare students for college. We also maintain a laser focus on our students' social and emotional well-being.

We have identified the following nine learning attributes that are integrated throughout our curriculum to help improve student attitudes toward school and reduce depression and stress among students:

* accountability

* collaboration

* communication

* empathy

* honesty

* perseverance

* resourcefulness

* respectfulness

* safety

These attributes promote well-being and provide our students with the skills that will prepare them for a globally competitive world.

In addition to their coursework, our students have a wide variety of extracurricular activities to choose from, offering an opportunity to explore passions, develop purpose and unlock potential.

The Quality Profile also highlights financial information in a transparent manner for our taxpayers. Residents can be confident in knowing the district manages its resources in a responsible and sustainable manner in order to meet the academic goals of the district. We take great pride in directing funding to where we know it will have the most impact: classroom instruction.

This Quality Profile also includes groundbreaking photos and renderings that celebrate the construction of our new 4-8 building. For more information or to sign up for email construction updates, please visit the "construction updates" tab at

Look for the Quality Profile in your mailboxes soon and posted on our district website, as well.

The Quality Profile is our way of sharing with our community the value of a Grandview Heights Schools education, how we are preparing students for the future and how we are committed to continuous improvement.

It tells our unique story, illustrating what it really means to be a Bobcat.

Andy Culp is superintendent of Grandview Heights Schools.