We moved into the Olentangy Local School District 20 years ago with the hope that our children would receive an outstanding education both in and out of the classroom.

Thanks to the community's support of levies over the years, this has been accomplished. Our youngest son is finishing his senior year at Berlin High School and is ready to take on his next life challenge.

Like many students, he has been at a number of schools due to the growth (of the district). Each school has been a great experience and is consistent with the schools vision and values.

Not only has he received a great education, he has been able to participate in many other activities like sports, student leadership, DECA and clubs that a financially healthy school district can provide.

As we approach the upcoming levy, we will be supporting it. It is our small part of this community in supporting the next generation of students. We hope everyone in the school district will be as fortunate as we have been.

Thank you, Olentangy community, for providing the financial support so that our children could have an amazing educational experience.

Mick and Jill Shimp