The German Village Society's parking committee has requested a pilot program that could lead to more efficient parking along the South Third Street commercial corridor.

The committee has asked the city of Columbus to mark off spots on Third either between East Sycamore and East Willow streets or East Columbus Street to Lansing Street.

The problem is motorists are parking indiscriminately when there are no visible lines, leading to big gaps between vehicles and the potential for more spots to be filled, said Tim Bibler, chairman of the committee.

"I think that's not unusual because it's hard for people to judge. 'Am I giving myself enough room to get in and out of the space?' " Bibler said.

The plan is for the city to count parked cars on those designated stretches of Third before uniform parking spaces have been marked, and then count cars again after designated spots have been marked, he said.

Michael Liggett, spokesman for the Columbus Department of Public Service, said the City Division of Parking Services is examining the situation.

"Factors, including locations for and extent of the markings, have yet to be determined," Liggett said. "Currently, staff estimates implementation in May of this year, but a full timeline is still under development."

Adding a wrinkle to the plan is Columbia Gas of Ohio's transmission line-replacement project, which includes both sides of South Third between East Livingston Avenue and East Sycamore, as well as work on Lazelle Street.

According to a press Luka Papalko, spokesman for Columbia Gas, said the replacement project will start on Lazelle and then the streets that run east and west. Columbia Gas will then jump over to the north end of Third and work its way south.

The entire phase of the project which was scheduled to start by the end of February is expected to be complete by fall, he said.

Papalko said Columbia Gas will let residents know in advance of the work and where there would be temporary parking restrictions.

He said he doesn't see it interfering with the pilot parking initiative.

Bibler said he's comfortable with the pilot program starting in May.