To the Editor:

On Feb. 18, Worthington City Council set out a “Welcome to Stay Home” mat, inviting more older adults in our community to live out their lives in their hometown.

Council’s vote in favor of a new Stafford Village came as a result of two years of community conversations with residents, neighbors, public officials and community organizations, as well as numerous design innovations – all of which reflected National Church Residences’ commitment to create more housing options for older adults and, in so doing, make Worthington’s only affordable residential community sustainable.

This positive step forward was possible only because people throughout Worthington stood up, writing letters, sending emails, sharing information on social media and even testifying before the Municipal Planning Commission and City Council. Supporters knew that too many older adults are forced to move out of their hometown, a reality identified 15 years ago in the city’s comprehensive plan and verified by independent studies and surveys.

On behalf of Stafford Village residents and National Church Residences, we are thankful. It is an honor to continue our mission in a community that truly values diversity and seeks to make sure everyone can be at home.

George Tabit

Vice president of senior-housing development

National Church Residences