Dublin City Council members voted 7-0 to approve an incentive package for information-technology staffing company g2o during their meeting March 2 in Dublin City Hall, 5200 Emerald Parkway.

According to a Feb. 18 memo to council, the company will relocate about 150 jobs from Columbus to Dublin, as well as about 20 jobs from client sites within Dublin.

The company will add about 60 new jobs by 2027, for a total of 230 jobs.

As part of the incentive agreement with the city, the company will have to execute a minimum 10-year lease within the city, according to the memo.

Also according to the memo, the proposed agreement is a seven-year, 15% performance incentive on net new payroll withholdings from 2022 to 2028, capped at $130,000 for the term of the agreement. The payroll attributed to the initial 150 relocated jobs will not count toward the incentive.

If g2o extends its lease by a minimum of five years by April 30, 2030, the company is eligible to receive an additional 15% performance incentive for four additional years from 2030 through 2033, capped at $145,000, for a total performance incentive capped at $275,000, according to the memo.

Dublin expects to net approximately $3.8 million in tax revenues over the initial 10-year project term, or $6.36 million over an extended 15-year term.

The city typically pays companies incentives in agreements such as this from the city’s nontax revenue -- such as licenses, fines, building permits and services provided to outside agencies, such as the Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Center.

Colleen Gilger, Dublin’s economic-development director, previously said all such incentives must come from nontax revenues, per state law.