Gahanna Lincoln High School students won't be the only ones demonstrating their talents at the all-school talent show Varsity Varieties.

Cindi Macioce, who is directing the show with Chris Wagner and Meredith Miller, said this marks the first time a few of the acts also include Gahanna Lincoln teachers.

"I think the Gahanna students, as well as the Gahanna community, will have a great time," she said.

Performances will take place at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, March 5, through Saturday, March 7, in the auditorium at the high school, 140 S. Hamilton Road.

Macioce said this show will be one of the largest to date, with 41 acts and over 80 students involved.

"Aside from showcasing our singers and dancers, we have more comedy skits in the show than ever before," Macioce said. "We held a comedy writing workshop right before the auditions. Kids came with potential ideas for skits and we all worked together to develop the comedy."

She said the directors also took a fresh look at the opening of the show, bringing more technical elements to the stage and using nine emcees more effectively.

A couple of the acts in the first half include sophomore Taylor Patterson dancing to "Don't Rain On My Parade" and junior Anneke Keesing singing "One Perfect Moment."

Students from Gahanna's Judy Dollenmayer Studio of Dance will be featured with in the number "We Act Up."

The dancers include juniors Zoe Whitlock, Reece Collier, Rachel Moore, Elise Wunderlin and Jaiden Reams; seniors Kalea Collier, Samantha Behn and Briana Chan, and eighth-grader Brooklyn Connell.

Lincoln English teacher Jennifer Pizzico will perform in a skit, "Tik Tok Teachers," according to Macioce.

"This (Tik Tok) skit capturing teachers attempting to record a popular (Tik Tok) dance is so relevant, because teachers can't escape these dances right now," Pizzico said.

"Students are dancing as they walk into class and attempting to record their own (dances) whenever they can during the school day."

She said the humor in this skit is three-fold: teachers are the performers, their dance skills are entertaining and their phone/technology skills questionable.

"In the past, having fun at teachers' expense has been quite successful during other theater shows like Holiday Marathon, so I am hoping this skit generates a similar response," Pizzico said. "I hope we make the student creators proud."

Joseph Kern, who teaches drawing, digital photography and computer art, will be in the skit "The Basic Ball."

"From what I understand it will be students exhibiting stereotypical behavior of students in halls such as teachers with carts, freshmen blocking hallways and hallway PDA," he said. "I will be a judge in this skit and hold up a number to 'rate' what is going on."

Kern said he wouldn't mind doing a skit of his own next time.

"To be honest, I wanted to be involved to be a better part of the community and I love skit shows like this," he said.

Macioce said this marks the 43rd annual Varsity Varieties.

She said Wagner and Miller were both students of hers.

"Meredith actually performed in Varsity Varieties when she was here," Macioce said.

Tickets are general admission and cost $10 at the door or at