Confirming the nonexistence of Starbucks baristas employed at Olentangy Schools might not be the kind of thing Julie Feasel expected to do as a member of the district's school board.

But she said she's up for the particular challenges of campaigning in the social-media age.

Feasel said she enjoys engaging district residents via her Facebook page, "Julie Feasel Olentangy SB." She said she started the page in 2013 when she was up for reelection to the board and since then has turned its focus to her work as a board member and on various district- and education-related issues.

That active presence on social media has led Feasel "into the weeds," she said, responding to residents' questions and concerns and addressing information being posted to Facebook.

That includes rumors about the district related to its three-part tax issue on the March 17 ballot.

"There is so much misinformation out there. I like to use my page to correct that," Feasel said.

As an example, earlier this month, she was made aware of a rumor being shared on social media that the district was selling Starbucks coffee at its schools.

"I had to say we're not employing baristas at Olentangy," Feasel said, referring to a Feb. 18 post on her page.

Covered parking at a middle school, individuals being removed from Facebook groups unrelated to the district and restrictions on 18-year-olds voting on the district's ballot issue are a few of the other issues Feasel said she has encountered on social media.

"Sometimes, I can't figure out where these things come from, but if they're coming from people trying to create doubt, I don't want that to become a 'no' vote," she said. "People are going to vote what they vote, but I want them to have the right information, to have all the facts."

Feasel's page, and her presence throughout Facebook via her account, are her individual comments as a school board member and not official board communication, she said.

Communicating, she said, is "what I do" in her job as vice president of communications with the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

Feasel shares both links and original content regarding the work of the Olentangy school board, school funding in Ohio and other topics on her page.

"I want to be communicating with our residents," she said. "My job is communicating difficult issues, and in the schools, we have some difficult issues."

Feasel said the pros and cons of social media are Dickensian.

"I liken it to 'A Tale of Two Cities' -- 'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,' " she said.