Jackson Township trustees Feb. 18 approved the purchase of a new Sutphen engine/rescue vehicle for the township's fire department.

Firefighters will have to wait about 14 or 15 months before the new vehicle is delivered.

Fire departments order vehicles custom-made, deputy fire chief Shawn Quincel said.

"It's not like buying a family car," he said. "You don't just drive it off the lot."

But the fire department is preparing to welcome three other pre-ordered vehicles into its fleet, Quincel said.

Two medics were delivered March 3 to replace vehicles at station 203, 2650 London-Groveport Road, and station 204, 4900 Buckeye Parkway.

Each medic costs about $263,000, Quincel said.

Horton Emergency Vehicles of Grove City is the manufacturer.

The city of Grove City covered the purchase of one medic as part of an agreement to compensate the township for the additional fire and EMS service the fire department will provide to the Beulah Park development.

Township officials have estimated the fire department will make between 200 and 300 runs a year to Beulah Park once its fully developed.

The city will purchase another medic vehicle for the township in 2025.

On May 1, the fire department is expecting delivery of an engine/rescue vehicle ordered at the end of 2018.

The vehicle will replace Engine 203 at the London-Groveport Road station, Quincel said. That engine cost about $626,000.

A engine/rescue vehicle runs between $620,000 and $650,000, Quincel said.

"The total cost depends on the specifications of what you're asking for," he said.

Because they will serve as both fire and rescue vehicles, Jackson Township requested the new engines have expanded storage space to accommodate rescue equipment, Quincel said.

Details including the size of the water tank and fire-hose length determine the total cost, he said.

Those details depend on a fire department's needs and how the vehicle will be used, Quincel said.

The fire department participates in Ohio's Cooperative Purchasing Program, he said.

The program gives townships, municipalities, school districts, public libraries, regional park districts and other political subdivisions the ability to purchase goods and services through state contracts.

"It saves us from having to go through a bidding process," Quincel said.

Jackson Township replaces its engines about every 10 years, township trustee chairman Dave Burris said.

"You want to make sure the vehicles are firefighters are using to protect and serve the community are in good shape," he said.

The engine that will be delivered in May or June of 2021 will replace Engine 202 on Hoover Road, he said.

The township also has approved a new agreement extending the dispatching/communication services agreement for the fire department with Grove City.

Grove City Council approved the agreement at its March 2 meeting.

The agreement replaces the previous agreement that expired on Dec. 31, 2019.

Under the agreement, the township will pay the city $175,282 for dispatching service in 2020. The cost will increase by 4% a year. It will total $205,055 in 2024, the last year of the new contract.

In the last contract, the township paid $168,540 annually from 2017 through 2019.