This photograph was taken in 1923 at the northwest corner of Oakland and First avenues.

Grandview Heights High School graduate Bob Fields (back right, class of 1922) and three unidentified friends sit in and on a Chevrolet roadster during a cigarette break in the parking lot of the Red Crown gasoline station.

The station replaced the Hinterschied grocery and general store, which had occupied the corner since 1896.

The air pump at the station is visible to the left behind the car.

The former Celeste Building (originally Gutches Grandview Market, and later Gaudieri's Cleaners and Tailor Shop), visible at the right, was razed to build the four condominiums now occupying the northeast corner of the intersection.

The 1923 yearbook alumni updates show Fields attended "office training school after graduation and was a full-fledged businessman" and planned to enter Ohio State University in fall 1924.