Jess Patton is one of Worthington Libraries' circulation managers.

Like most library employees, she enjoys reading, but lots of other things, too, like walking, yoga and watching TV -- lots of TV.

She said British shows are her favorite, and she often has debates with her husband about other shows the actors have starred in and then looks them up online.

So when it came time to put together a list of great movies and TV series to binge-watch during central Ohio's dark and dreary winter, we knew she was the staff member for the job. Her list, which may be found on the library's homepage through the middle of the month, includes recommendations for several preferences.

Following are a few of her winter must-watches, although, really, they would be great to see any time of the year. Reserve them at the library.

* "Newhart" -- Jess recommends this American sitcom, which ran for eight seasons, because "cold and snowy is the perfect weather to visit Vermont's Stratford Inn and its eccentric inhabitants."

* "North & South" -- Based on an 1855 novel by Elizabeth Gaskell, this BBC miniseries aired in late 2004. Jess calls it an "Austen-style romance set in the gritty realities of the Industrial Revolution."

* "Steven Universe" -- Steven's enthusiasm lights up this Cartoon Network series, which "has enough love to fill, well, the universe," she said.

* "Apollo 11" -- Featuring interviews with Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and others, the documentary "puts you right up close to all the toil and thrill that went into that first, giant step."

* "Brick" -- "Before moving on to a certain space franchise, director Rian Johnson crafted this pitch-perfect, teenage neo-noir."

* "Love & Basketball" -- "It's all there in the title," Jess said, "along with a dream team's worth of charm."

* "Kiki's Delivery Service" -- "Even witches need to find their place in the world," Jess said of this 2010 animated film written, produced and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

Hillary Kline is a communications specialist for Worthington Libraries.