Orange Township trustees are set to vote at their meeting Monday, March 16, on the creation of a joint economic-development district that would support the town-center portion of the Evans Farm development.

The agreement would include the village of Shawnee Hills and Concord Township, trustee Ryan Rivers said.

Rivers said if the JEDD is approved, a 1% income tax would be levied on businesses and their employees within the district.

"(Township) residents would not pay any new tax" as a result of the JEDD, Rivers said.

A JEDD is an economic-development tool that allows an income tax to be levied in an unincorporated area.

Under a JEDD agreement, an incorporated municipality administers and imposes an income-tax rate to a designated area within a township, which lacks the power under Ohio law to impose an income tax. The municipality and township then share the local income-tax revenue based on a formula agreed to in the contract.

JEDD revenues may be used to promote economic development and for infrastructure, planning, engineering costs and other development issues within the district.

If approved by Orange Township, the agreement then would be presented to Shawnee Hills.

Evans Farm is a 1,250-acre, mixed-use development north of Lewis Center Road in Orange and Berlin townships that began construction in late 2017. The land affected by the JEDD would include the area around Lewis Center Road between North Road and Evans Farm Drive.

Restaurants and shops are planned for the development's town center.