Cleo Margaret Swaim Boardman is shown in this photo from 1922 with two of her three sons, Charles H. Boardman III and James (on her lap).

The third son Jack was born a year after this photo was taken.

Cleo was the wife of Charles Boardman II, who was the owner and manager of Murray City Ice and Coal in Grandview and mayor of Marble Cliff for 22 years.

Cleo was born in 1893 in Wilmington, where her family owned a canning company in nearby Sabina.

The company used toddler Cleo as the model for the label on their canned corn (shown at the left.) Charles and Cleo married in 1917 and moved first to West Virginia to coal country, and then to Grandview.

They lived for several years in the home that became the Deyo-Davis Funeral Home, and in 1926 moved to Arlington and Third Avenues to the home later owned by Martha Agler (featured in the Historical Society Tour of Homes in 2001.)

In 1955 they moved to a new home on the curve at 1304 Arlington Ave. Cleo died in 1986, ten years after the death of her husband Charles.

Charles III was a decorated Korean War veteran, retiring as a Lt. Col. He was chosen as an Olympic torch bearer in Florida as it made its way to Atlanta. He died in 2013. James became the President and General Manager of Murray City Ice and Coal.

He died in 2015.