A six-month sale listing for a 42-acre parcel owned by the Norfolk Southern Corp. expired in early March, said Rachel McDonnell Bradshaw, manager of media relations for the rail-transportation company based in Norfolk, Virginia.

The property was listed for sale by the NAI Global real-estate company.

The 42 acres include a former railroad bed that begins near Columbia Street in Old Hilliard and extends south to where Leap and Scioto Darby roads converge at a four-way stop with Darby Glen Boulevard, according to the map function on the Franklin County auditor's website. It is a long, narrow strip of land that runs parallel to overhead power lines.

The property is no longer on the market because the contract with the broker expired, Bradshaw said.

"Norfolk Southern has not determined if and when the property will be relisted," she said.

The parcel has been of interest to the city of Hilliard because its master plan includes the extension of the Heritage Rail Trail from its terminus at Hilliard's Station Park, which is at Main and Center streets, to the south beyond Landmark Lofts and across the railroad bridge near Cemetery Road and Norwich Street to the Hilliard Municipal Building.

"It's in our master plan as a logical extension of the rail trail," said David Ball, director of communications for Hilliard.

Ball said he would not comment on whether the city had any negotiations with Norfolk Southern while the parcel was on the market.

"We don't (publicly) discuss pending real-estate transactions," he said.