Upper Arlington city officials have contracts in place to reconstruct four city streets and provide maintenance work to 12 more in 2020.

Not including separate projects to reconstruct sections of Mountview Road and Northwest Boulevard, the city plans to spend approximately $1.17 million with Decker Construction Co. to rebuild portions of four streets in 2020.

Officials also have earmarked $906,200 for Strawser Paving Co. to do maintenance work on sections of 12 streets this year.

When combined with the approximately $2.95 million project to rebuild Mountview from Fishinger Road to Zollinger Road and install a 5-foot sidewalk on Mountview's west side, as well as a $1.93 million reconstruction of Northwest Boulevard from Wilshire Drive to Barrington Road, the city will spend about $6.96 million on street work this year.

The city spent $6.6 million in total on the Henderson Road project, street reconstruction and street maintenance program (in 2019)," said Jackie Thiel, city engineer.

"Improving our city's infrastructure continues to be a high priority and that includes needed repair to our roadways," councilman Jim Lynch said.

"Residents will again see a large number of projects get underway this year to improve our neighborhood streets and help us continue our momentum of needed repairs."

The four streets set for reconstruction under the roughly $1.17 million contract with Decker Construction this year include:

* Ardleigh Road from Somerford Road to Millwood Drive, and from Millwood to Birchcrest Road

* Cranford Road from Somerset Drive to Kioka Avenue

* Haviland Road from Woodbridge Road to Mountview Road, and from Mountivew to Fenwick Road

* North Devon Road from Edgemont Road to Waltham Road and from Standford Road to Edgemont

The $906,200 contract with Strawser will include resurfacing, spot curb replacement and other preventive-maintenance surface treatments to these streets:

* Ainwick Road from Zollinger to Ridgecliff Road

* Andover Road from Fifth Avenue to Waltham

* Coventry Road from Lane Avenue to Waltham

* Gateway Drive from Lane Road to Chartwell Road

* Ivanhoe Court from Cassill Street to the street's cul-de-sac

* Northam Road from Andover to Tremont Road

* Oakmount Road from Mountview to Redding Road

* Old Ravine Court from Sandover Road to the street's cul-de-sac

* Oxford Alley from McCoy Road to the street's dead end

* Reedbury Lane from Langston Drive to the street's cul-de-sac

* Roxbury Road, from Fifth to West Devon Road

* Yorkshire Road from Tremont to Arlington Avenue

"All of the streets in Upper Arlington are rated every two years, and priorities are based on these ratings," Thiel said. "The ratings will be updated again this summer -- even numbered years -- but the public can review the latest ratings attinyurl.com/snzjoqk.

Thiel said schedules for this year's projects would be set after preconstruction meetings with both contractors.

"We anticipate construction season in Upper Arlington to begin in April with substantial completion of most projects by the end of October," she said.

"More updates will follow, but engineering anticipates delays in the start of construction projects."