Approximately 90 patients and about 30 health-care workers at a Hilliard rehabilitation center have not showed symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus after an employee tested positive for the disease, a spokesman said Wednesday, March 25.

Ryan Stubenrauch, a spokesman for Mill Run Rehabilitation Center, Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living, 3399 Mill Run Drive in Hilliard, said the employee tested positive for the coronavirus late March 23.

The health-care employee, whom Stubenrauch described as a male “under 50” had reported to work March 19 and developed a fever during the day.

He immediately self-quarantined and on March 23 tested positive for the coronavirus, Stubenrauch said.

Immediately, per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, the employee put on a mask and other personal protective equipment and reported the symptoms to a supervisor, according to a news release.

The supervisor took the employee’s temperature again and discovered a fever. The employee immediately was sent home to seek medical attention and began self-quarantining per CDC guidelines, according to the release.

After the employee went home March 19, the facility contacted the Ohio Department of Health and began an additional cleaning and disinfection of the facility, Stubenrauch said.

"Since that time, we increased our daily monitoring of the few residents who may have had direct contact with the employee," the release said. "This increased monitoring includes temperature checks every four hours and respiratory/COVID-19 assessments twice per shift.

"Any employees who have contact with these patients wear face masks and shield, protective gowns and gloves. In consultation with the department of health, we’ve also instituted the use of face masks/face shield for all of our staff working directly with all residents in our facility for a 14-day period.

"Additional screenings our being conducted daily with all of our residents. These screens include temperature check every shift and respiratory/COVID-19 symptoms assessments every shift."