This 1974 aerial photograph looks east across Dublin Road, at Cardigan Avenue just south of Fifth Avenue.

The arrow points to the location of Custom Coach, founded in 1955 at 1400 Dublin Road by Miles Elmer. Elmer was from Clintonville and owned a company called Agricultural Laboratory Inc. that made products for Monsanto.

One of the products was a low-suds laundry detergent, now known as All.

Elmers modified a trailer so he could travel with his family to sell the product; this led to his new business modifying large bus shells for luxury travel use.

The bus at the lower left is a modified 1952 Flxible bus using the Custom Coach "Land Yacht" conversion; at the lower right was a 1964 Flxible that was modified for A.E. Knowlton, the Ohio businessman and benefactor for whom the Knowlton School of Architecture at Ohio State University is named.

Custom Coach was sold in 2002 to Farber Specialty Vehicles and moved the following year to Reynoldsburg.