Mayor Joe Begeny declared a state of emergency for the city of Reynoldsburg on April 1 because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The emergency is an effort to “protect the lives and well-being of the citizens of the city as well as those who work, attend school and visit the city from the dangerous effects of COVID-19,” according to the declaration signed by Begeny.

It does not impose a curfew.

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Reynoldsburg has not incurred additional expenses in dealing with the pandemic, but Begeny said he wants to be prepared.

“The state of emergency does not grant any additional powers but now allows for applying for additional funding to compensate the city for any COVID-19 expenses,” he said. “The city will be applying for any federal or state funds or resources for our police force. This will offset cost from any overtime related to COVID-19 and personal protective equipment (PPE).”

Mayor’s Court will remain closed through April, with additional dates to be added in May to handle the case backlog.

City Hall last month closed to the public and City Council voted to move its annual recess from August to April. Those needing to conduct business with the city should call (614) 322-6809 to make arrangements.

Employees in the parks and recreation, development and public-service departments have been working from home since March 19. Other areas are rotating staff members and some street crews are working on-call from home, responding to water-main breaks and other emergencies, Begeny said.

The city’s water department will not assess late fees or implement shut-offs because of delinquent water, sewer and refuse bills through the end of April.

Begeny said the community is full of “many local heroes doing their part to make life a little better during these times.”

“The people of Reynoldsburg are doing so much to make the best of this situation,” he said. “The employees of our grocery and convenience stores working hard to keep things is stock, our school district doing a great job providing tools for continuing education as well as the distribution of food, the city, Truro Township and the YMCA working together for the safety of our first responders, our police department singing 'Happy Birthday' to a community member -- all of it is heartwarming.

"We will get through this together.”