Thank you to those in our community who have expressed support for our students, staff and teachers.

And thank you to our students and parents who have been patient while our staff members have been working hard to shift to distance learning.

Situations like this one have the opportunity to bring out the best in our community. I have certainly seen evidence of that in recent weeks. I hope to continue to see the ways we take care of one another through this crisis.

People in our community are facing big challenges as the reality of this situation evolves and affects our routines. The same is true for our schools. There is no substitute for the work that our teachers and staff do daily in our classrooms and school buildings. We are not a virtual school, and we rely on the interactions we have with our students daily to promote their development academically, artistically and emotionally.

It's not an easy or a small shift to go from classroom instruction to digital instruction, but I am looking forward to the creativity our staff will employ to develop meaningful learning for students. I have been so encouraged and excited about the innovative ideas our teachers and administrators are planning to use to bring the classroom experience to each student from a distance.

Distance learning began March 30 for students. We heard the news of an extended school closure at the same time our community heard: at the governor's press conference. The Bexley City Schools administrative team, instructional coaches and many of our teachers started working immediately to prepare and implement new procedures and plans, even though the announcement came the day before our regularly scheduled spring break.

As we all work through the changes to our routines and adjust the way we used to do things, let's continue to show each other grace and patience.

Bruce Lee once said, "Patience is not passive; on the contrary, it is concentrated strength."

The problem we are collectively trying to solve is the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. This is about life and death for people.

When we remember that, we can be more patient with how our lives and routines are being disrupted. We will get through this challenging time as families, a community and a district. And our ability to have patience with ourselves and each other will develop more concentrated strength in us and our community as a result. Be well.

Bexley City Schools Superintendent Kimberly Pietsch Miller submitted the Bexley Bold column.