Following Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine's order keeping schools closed until May 1 due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Upper Arlington Schools will continue to educate students using distance learning.

As it has done since spring break ended March 30, the district will continue to provide student instruction and support electronically. That's being done through online classes and instruction provided via district-issued laptop and tablet computers.

Superintendent Paul Imhoff said that strategy will continue through April.

"We have been planning for this possibility, so we are prepared to continue distance teaching and learning as long as we need to for the health and safety of our students, staff and community," he said.

The district also has taken measures to ensure any students who don't have access to the internet at home don't fall behind in their schooling during the pandemic.

"We have surveyed families and are working with those who have indicated they do not have internet access," Imhoff said.

As for how the district is managing at-risk students, including those on individualized education programs, Section 504 plans and other special needs, he said, teachers continue to provide support for those students.

"While the services may look a little different because of the need to use distance-learning techniques, our goal to support every student every step of the way remains the same," he said.

Additionally, the district continues to provide breakfast and lunch to students through the pandemic.

"We will continue to provide boxed lunches, with a breakfast included for the next day, to all school-aged children for every school day," Imhoff said. "We will be changing our pickup protocol next week so that families only need to come to the schools two days a week.

"On Mondays, they will pick up two boxed lunch/breakfasts. On Wednesday, they will pick up three," he said.