Worthington officials have agreed to pay Dustin and Susan Mondrach $50,000 for erosion damage to the couple’s property at 290 E. South St.

Worthington City Council on April 6 unanimously voted on the measure, which will go toward damages to the property’s foundation, some of the costs incurred by the couple to shore up their property and potential loss of home value, city attorney Tom Lindsey said.

The ordinance also appropriated $50,000 for maintenance of erosion-control measures of the lower Rush Run creek over the next 30 years, Lindsey said.

The city had set aside $56,000 in 2019 to address the issue: $25,000 on a conceptual study of the creek, which includes some long-term solutions, and $31,000 in erosion-control measures to be completed near the Mondrachs’ property this year, Lindsey said.

Dustin Mondrach said he is not satisfied “one bit” about the settlement, “but we had to move on.”

Mondrach said the city’s poor management of its waterways has been a residential gripe for years.

When asked if the city wanted to respond to Mondrach’s assertion, Lindsey said: "The city is aware that property owners along Rush Run are concerned about erosion. The city hired Sustainable Streams to conduct a study of Rush Run and provide recommendations.”

Mondrach said he lost much of his backyard and patio to erosion. The problem, he said, was the water flowed without adequate control measures through the creek and it cut into the sides of earth, creating a lack of support for the soil on the hill, which began to collapse.

“It’s hard to create land out there without a pretty significant project,” Mondrach said.

Mondrach said he and his wife spent about three years in litigation with the city over the matter. The compromise settlement found no admission of liability and no determination of fault by either party, Lindsey said.

He said he is looking forward to “polite and constructive” dialogue with the city about repairs and proposed designs, laid out in the conceptual study, which council members planned to review Monday, April 13.