Jerome Township voters rejected a fire-levy request, but Washington Township residents approved the renewal of a fire levy in the rescheduled April 28 primary election.

COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic restrictions pushed back the election from March 17 to April 28. The election was conducted primarily via mail-in ballots and by voters dropping off ballots at local elections boards.

According to unofficial results from the Union County Board of Elections, voters in Jerome Township rejected a 3.5-mill, five-year levy for the Jerome Township Fire Department by 698 votes to 583 votes, or 54.49% to 45.51%.

The levy would have generated a little less than $1.46 million in new tax revenue annually and would have cost the owner of a $100,000 residence an additional $90 a year in taxes, according to Doug Stewart, the township’s fire chief.

Had the issue been approved, Jerome Township trustees had committed to requesting the Union County Auditor’s Office stop collection of a 1991 continuing levy, Stewart said previously.

That levy originally was approved at 2.3 mills and is collecting at 0.66 mill. It generates approximately $323,286 annually, he said.

In Washington Township a five-year, 8.25-mill renewal fire levy for the township’s fire department was approved overwhelmingly by voters in all three counties it serves: Delaware, Franklin and Union.

Unofficial results from the Franklin County Board of Elections show the issue was approved 4,768 votes (85.45%) to 812 votes (14.55%).

The Union County Board of Elections' unofficial results show the issue was approved 350 votes to 87 votes, or 80.09% to 19.91%.

Unofficial results from the Delaware County Board of Elections show the issue was approved 507 votes to 141 votes, or 78.24% to 21.76%.

The levy is expected to generate $17.33 million annually. It renews the 8.25-mill levy set to expire Dec. 31. Property owners will pay $226.06 per year per $100,000 of home valuation.

The levy was approved in 2010 and was renewed again in 2015. It is collecting at an effective rate of 7.4 mills.