Developers who want to put housing on 137 acres in Violet Township have reduced the number of lots in a new proposal they hope will be more palatable for residents and the board of trustees.

During a “virtual meeting” April 29 -- broadcast online because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic -- trustees heard a proposal from developers Rockford Homes Inc. and Palmieri Enterprise LLC for an altered plan to build a multi-lot residential development on 137.5 acres of undeveloped land east of Toll Gate Road Northwest.

The township’s zoning commission, citing housing-density concerns, initially recommended against rezoning the land March 10 after a request by developers to begin construction of a 269-lot single-family residential development.

The developers have requested the trustees approve a request to rezone the land for the project from R-2, single-family-residential classification, to planned-district-residential classification.

The altered plan developers presented April 29 reduces the number of home sites from 269 lots to 239, meets planned-district-residential development-code density requirements and increases and improves open-space areas, according to developers.

“We were able to come up with what we believe is a comparable plan to ones recently approved in the township, meets the needs of the requests by the commission and what is desirable in the township with regard to centralized open spaces, pathways, general conservation of the area and trying to design the subdivision within the property and not just essentially clear-cut the entire project,” Rockford development manager Corey Theuerkauf said during the virtual meeting.

Only township officials were permitted to ask questions during the virtual meeting. A public hearing on the rezoning request has been scheduled for 7 p.m. June 24. Residents would be permitted to comment on the request at that time.

Prior to the June 24 meeting, residents may review documents pertaining to the proposal on the township website and submit to officials any questions or comments.

Email addresses and township phone numbers are listed on the township’s website,, by clicking on Contacts & Community Info and then clicking on Staff Directory.

Upon conclusion of the public-comment period for the rezoning request, whether on June 24 or a later date, trustee Terry Dunlap said, state law dictates township officials would have 20 days to render a decision.

If public gatherings still are discouraged in June, Dunlap said, township officials probably will reschedule the meeting for another date.

“We’ll have to evaluate what’s going on, where we think the governor’s going to go with this, and if we can’t have people there, we’ll probably continue (the public-comment period),” he said.