Grandview Heights Mayor Greta Kearns announced Saturday, May 2, that the city's Memorial Day Parade has been canceled and the municipal pool will remain closed for the 2020 season.

In her announcement posted on the city's website,, Kearns cited the state's new Stay Safe Ohio order, which went into effect May 1 and continues to mandate that public pools remain closed for the next month, limit gatherings to fewer than 10 people and cal for social-distancing practices, as well as advice from Franklin County Public Health, for her decision.

There are "too many unknowns to plan a delayed opening" of the pool, Keans said in her announcement.

Even targeting a July 4 date for opening the pool would require the city to begin start-up operations by early June, and the Stay Safe Ohio is in place until at least May 29, with no indication that social-distancing requirements will be lifted by the state when the order expires.

All pool membership fees will be refunded.

As mayor, Kearns also serves as Grandview's director of public safety.

With the Memorial Day parade canceled, the city is working on "new, creative ways to honor our veterans" and will announce soon how residents will be able to participate, the announcement said.