The COVID-19 coronavirus was the official death knell for Clintonville’s Fourth of July fireworks after months of doubt over the 2020 show.

Members of Clintonville July 4th Celebration Inc., which has been planning and raising money for the annual fireworks display for more than two decades, announced last year that the 2019 show was its final one.

Since then, Pat Kearns-Davis and members of the committee have been looking for someone to step up and take on the event.

But on May 12, Kearns-Davis said it’s not happening.

“We went ahead and said it’s canceled,” she said. “The reality is, there’s nothing to have.”

With much of society either shut down or working on overload due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, no sponsors or vendors would or could commit to an event, and uncertainty about city permits also was a factor, Kearns-Davis said.

“Maybe it’s better this way,” she said. “It wasn’t let go by the community, but by the virus.

“And people will have missed it, so we have another year to see if someone will step up and let our committee step back,” she said.

Clintonville Area Commission member Libby Wetherholt said her thoughts were along the same lines.

“In a sense, Clintonville has another chance and year to keep the tradition going, since the fireworks would have been canceled anyway,” she said.

“We have a question before us: Are we a community who can work together to accomplish an event like this without a

deep-pocket sponsor, or are we just a community of homes?”

“Of course,” Wetherholt said, “the pandemic parameters in the next year may also decide it for us.”

CAC chairwoman B.J. White said the cancellation offers “a perfect opportunity to regroup.”

“It’s one full calendar year during which the community can get behind a real solution,” she said.