A rezoning application for Alton Place, a proposed $275 million mixed-use development on Hilliard’s western boundaries, is scheduled to be considered May 28 by the Hilliard Planning and Zoning Commission.

The commission tabled the application May 14, per the recommendation of city officials.

The commission meets the second Thursday of each month so May 28 will be a special meeting that starts at 7 p.m., according to Chris Lewie, chairman of the commission.

Alton Place developer Dwight McCabe said May 13 the application would be tabled because staff members had not finished reviewing it.

According to the staff report submitted May 14, “staff is currently working with the applicant to have the proposed revisions to the development plan and development text reconciled with the updated traffic-impact study. Based on the current plans, staff is not able to make a recommendation concerning the proposed rezoning (and) recommends that the application be postponed to a special meeting (May 28).”

“The delay will not affect us; it still gets us to a council vote on June 8,” McCabe said. “The pandemic disruptions may have slowed the latest review process somewhat.”

McCabe said he believes a solution to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic will be presented before “lots are ready for homeowners and businesses.”

“Growth in central Ohio will likely even accelerate as people seek refuge from larger coastal cities,” he said.

The Alton Place application has been on hold since Dec. 9, when Hilliard City Council voted 6-0 to table the rezoning required for the development to advance and an accompanying developer’s agreement with Dublin-Cosgray LLC.

“It’s worthy, but too much is unknown,” council member Tom Baker said in December after a three-hour discussion of the proposal that at times was contentious with attorney Glen Dugger, representing McCabe.

After Dugger said he was frustrated by unexpected mandates stemming from a traffic-impact study, Nathan Painter, who did not run for reelection and no longer holds a council seat, replied, “Your attitude tonight is unconscionable.”

As proposed, Alton Place would be on 343 acres north of Roberts Road and west of Alton Darby Creek Road, and it would have 148 single-family lots and 297 attached residential units.

It would include 53 acres of commercial uses and 172 acres of open space.

The application cites the location as the northwest corner of Alton Darby Creek and Roverth roads.

The proposal requires the parcel be rezoned from rural residential to Hilliard Conservation District.

McCabe previously has described Alton Place as a “cradle-to-grave” concept that would provide housing and walkable amenities for people of all ages, with businesses and services near residences.

“We have certainly been at this for a while,” McCabe said in December.

He said his interest in Alton Place began in early 2017, when Homewood Corp. approached him with a purchase option for the property.

The land was annexed into Hilliard in 2009.

After the Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel approved the proposal for Alton Place in December 2018, the planning and zoning commission in May 2019 voted 5-0 to recommend that council approve the rezoning, after which work began on the developer’s agreement that remains under consideration.