Beginning in 2021, Hilliard residents will pay an additional $5 for each vehicle they register with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Hilliard City Council, after indefinitely tabling the proposal March 23, approved the measure June 22 by a 6-1 vote.

Council member Kelly McGivern cast the no vote.

McGivern said in March she had concerns about advancing the legislation in light of the economic recession caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

City Manager Michelle Crandall had asked council members in March to approve the legislation by July 1, a state requirement for it to be effective Jan. 1.

Therefore, council members were required to substitute an amended ordinance June 22 that made the measure an emergency and effective immediately upon approval.

Ohio law permits a maximum of six permissive levies of $5 each to be collected on registrations, said David Ball, director of communications for Hilliard.

Of the five $5 levies presently collected for Hilliard residents, Franklin County receives three, Hilliard receives one and the fifth is divided between the city and the county, Ball said.

The new sixth levy to be collected next year will be the city’s, he said.

A passenger car’s registration renewal with a standard plate is assessed a base rate of $31, plus a $5 deputy fee, for a total of $36 before any local permissive taxes are added, said Lindsey Bohrer, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

Hilliard’s deadline to provide the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles a copy of the ordinance enacting the additional $5 permissive fee was July 1, if the fee was to be collected beginning Jan. 1, Bohrer said.

The new tax is estimated to generate $178,528 per year to be used toward road construction, repairs and maintenance, according to the ordinance.

In 2019, 37,399 vehicles of one kind or another were registered by owners living in the Hilliard taxing district, according to Bohrer.