A common practice in the late 1800s and early 1900s was to make personal photos into postcards, and they have become common as historical records of the time.

In March 1910, Adrienne Frame Howell of 1100 Broadview Ave. (upper right in the above photo) sent the picture postcard (left) of her new "living room" to her brother Augustus Frame of Athens.

Howell was obviously a devotee of the Arts and Crafts style of the period: She used the new term "living room" in her message on the postcard, and she sparsely furnished the room with mission style, craftsman oak furniture, such as the library table and rocker in the foreground.

Her dining room (lower right) included simple oak furniture, an authentic Tiffany hanging lamp and built-in cabinets typical of the period and style. An avid china painter, Howell maintained a studio on the second floor of her home for that creative purpose.