Whitehall residents who feed certain kinds of feathered friends might need to change their habits.

An ordinance prohibiting the feeding of waterfowl was introduced Aug. 25 at Whitehall’s committees-of-the-council meeting.

The ordinance states in part, “No person shall feed, cause to be fed or provide for domestic or migratory waterfowl within the city of Whitehall.”

The ordinance defines domestic waterfowl as “non-native ducks, geese (and) swans (not) retained in agricultural operations.”

It defines migratory waterfowl as those who make regular annual movements between two or more places for food resources or breeding.

The Canada goose is included in the feeding ban.

Whitehall City Council President Tom Potter said the ordinance was advanced Aug. 25 to the full council for consideration Tuesday, Sept. 1.

“The plan is to pass it on the first reading,” Potter said.

The ordinance, requested and prepared by Mayor Kim Maggard and approved as to form by city attorney Michael Bivens, contains emergency language causing it to become effective immediately upon its passage.

“(Our) current city code (does) not regulate the matter,” Bivens said. “Based on reports from (our) code enforcement, the city determined our code should have it in an effort to deter the activity.”