Horror genre author Stephen King, a founding member of the radical "tax-hiking, government-expanding, latte-drinking, sushi-eating, BMW-driving, body-piercing, Hollywood-loving, Wal Mart-hating, leftwing freak show," was recently lauded by local columnist JoAnn Shade for his having a fear of President Trump’s political views, advising his audience to "be brave."

Shade noted, "…Regardless of his political leaning, I find his words credible. He knows fear when he sees it, smells it."

King’s deplorable, unwashed masses, too, can snatch whiffs of fear in the air from the consequences an unfettered, lunatic left poses to our basic American liberties: the horror millions of unborn children must have felt when selfish "choice" robbed them of their God-given right to life; fear of the threat to our collective security when it comes to keeping our borders safe when the rule of law is dispensed with, just for the means of garnering a few extra votes for implementing dishonest socialist ends; fear of the unfair precedence posed to the many when, in the interests of pursuing raw, unbridled political power, the presumption of innocence is divested from the few (even if and especially because those few might be candidates for justices on the Supreme Court who stand for strict interpretations of the Constitution instead of judicial activism in the matters of legal decisions) and fear of the threat to our economic security the multi-trillion dollar deficit Obama and his party inflicted on our national budget, more than all the previous presidents’ administrations combined.

A courageous President Trump has withstood an unprecedented amount of vitriol and hatred from the mainstream media leftwing puppets, the Hollywood elite, members of the "Resistance Movement" and many other "progressive" nut cases, while still cutting our taxes, appointing conservative justices and achieving a robust economy, which includes the lowest rate of unemployment in 50 years.

I don’t need to read King’s novels to know who the real bogeymen are in these United States — and who they aren’t. I stand brave.

Don Ludwig