The Ohio Capital Conference recently released its all-league teams for girls tennis.

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First Team

First singles: Kathleen Jones, Olentangy (Player of the Year)

Second singles: Dani Schoenly, Olentangy Liberty

Third singles: Kortney Reed, Olentangy Orange

First doubles: Lexi Steer and Cellini Ko, Olentangy Liberty

Second doubles: Ellie MacDowell and Lexie Brengartner, Olentangy Liberty

Coaches of the Year: Susan Storrer, Olentangy Orange; Will Thieman, Olentangy Liberty

Second Team

First singles: Maddie Atway, Olentangy Liberty

Second singles: Caroline Sproule, Olentangy Orange

Third singles: Anna Gardner, Olentangy Liberty

First doubles: Livie Mauger and Abby Butler, Olentangy Orange

Second doubles: Hannah Logan and Grace Bezold, Olentangy Orange

Third Team

First singles: Levi Burks, Westerville Central

Second singles: Shayla Ta, Westerville Central

Third singles: Vidya Puttagunta, Olentangy

First doubles: Janie MIller and Krista Graybill, Olentangy

Second doubles: Archita Sriram and Amanda Jones, Olentangy


First Team

First singles: Macie Kercsmar, Big Walnut

Second singles: Lindsay Hill, Big Walnut

Third singles: Emma Waite, New Albany

First doubles: Valentina DiLorenzo and Madison Koenig, New Albany

Second doubles: Alexandra Vitellas and Thalia Fuentes, New Albany

Coach of the Year: Marc Thomas, New Albany

Second Team

First singles: Makena Romagnano, New Albany (Player of the Year)

Second singles: Elizabeth Hancock, New Albany

Third singles: Erin Duckworth, Canal Winchester

First doubles: Kayleigh Cummins and Katie Germann, Big Walnut

Second doubles: Maria Boyer and Alexandria Kirkpatrick, Big Walnut; Alex Webb and Noel Zamosky, Newark

Third Team

Second singles: Raaya Cummings, Groveport Madison

Third singles: Taylor Carlile, Newark


First Team

First singles: Vicki Chang, Dublin Jerome

Second singles: Arya Dudipala, Dublin Jerome (Player of the Year)

Third singles: Jiaqi Liu, Dublin Jerome

First doubles: Reagan Resor and Katherine Wang, Dublin Jerome

Second doubles: Neha Dudipala and Erin Zhao, Dublin Jerome

Coach of the Year: Ken Berlin, Dublin Jerome

Second Team

First singles: Ashley Lambillotte, Dublin Scioto; Sarina Xie, Thomas Worthington

Second singles: Nicole Santoso, Dublin Scioto; Nina Kisin, Hilliard Bradley

Third singles: Peyton Shaffer, Dublin Scioto; Megan Thurston, Hilliard Bradley

First doubles: Casey Mignery and Faith Carlisle, Hilliard Bradley

Second doubles: Paige Turner and Caitie Su, Hilliard Davidson

Third Team

First doubles: Julia Trotti and Sydney Davis, Dublin Scioto

Second doubles: Maddy Baughman and Maggie Szabo, Dublin Scioto


First Team

First singles: Lalasa Nagireddy, Dublin Coffman (co-Player of the Year)

Second singles: Evelyn Holman, Upper Arlington (co-Player of the Year)

Third singles: Wendy Shi, Upper Arlington

First doubles: Angela Li and Noah Mizer, Upper Arlington

Second doubles: Lily Goldberg and Sarah Marti, Upper Arlington

Coach of the Year: Shaun Stamps, Upper Arlington

Second Team

First singles: Ella Hazelbaker, Upper Arlington (co-Player of the Year)

Second singles: Claire Feit, Dublin Coffman

Third singles: Hannah Qin, Dublin Coffman

First doubles: Grace Wilson and Josie Paazig, Hilliard Davidson

Second doubles: Anya Shah and Alex Kapustin, Dublin Coffman

Third Team

Third singles: Lauren Markert, Marysville

First doubles: Meredith Ainsworth and Lena Caruso, Dublin Coffman

Second doubles: Kyle Wells and Julia Shed, Marysville


First Team

First singles: Cassie Alcala, Pickerington North (Player of the Year)

Second singles: Rachel Terbovich, Pickerington Central; Rhyan Cook, Pickerington North; Sierra Massey, Grove City

Third singles: Semmie Moore, Pickerington Central

First doubles: Kim Nguyen and Maggie Haas, Pickerington Central

Second doubles: Sophie Culver and Ashleigh Gilligan, Pickerington Central

Coach of the Year: Brian Hoff, Pickerington North

Second Team

First singles: Hope Rooker, Lancaster; Sierra Massey, Grove City

Third singles: Hayley Singleton, Grove City

First doubles: Jillian Stang and Talia Dilello, Pickerington Central

Second doubles: Anna Stanley and Corinna Moesle, Pickerington North

Third Team

Third singles: Jessica Scruggs, Pickerington North