We’re adding to the predictions this year in people and style.

In addition to picking each game, the panelists at ThisWeek SPORTS.com will give a comment about one of their selections, giving valuable insight or a reason for you to shake your head.

As we get ready to kick off this year, we’ll take a look back at how last season ended.

Eric Frantz, senior writer at MaxPreps.com, won for the third time. He went 142-64 to finish six games ahead of Lee Cochran and Jeff Stevenson, who both finished 136-70.

Rounding out the standings were Patrick Dolan and Jarrod Ulrey (both 134-72), Frank DiRenna (127-79), Andy Resnik (124-82), Scott Hennen, John Hulkenberg and Scott Hummel (all 122-84), Neil Thompson (120-86) and Brad Emerine and Dave Purpura (both 118-88).

While Frantz offered to spot everyone five games, we instead brought in reinforcements in Ryan Baker, co-host of the AM820 Scoreboard Show, and Steve Blackledge, sportswriter at The Columbus Dispatch. It should be pointed out that Frantz won the title in his first season.

Enjoy the Week 1 games.

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