It was a strange week for the predictions panel.

Three members of the panel, Patrick Dolan, Neil Thompson and Jarrod Ulrey, went 14-1.

For Dolan, it helped him extend his lead to two games. For Thompson, it was his second consecutive week with that mark, as he has moved into a second-place tie with Ulrey.

On the other end, five members of the panel failed to reach double digits in wins and one was below .500.

This week is a huge one in regard to rivalry games and games involving playoff implications.

One panelist, Scott Hummel, even resorted to getting some outside help in his quest to get out of the basement. We’ll see if that worked.

Enjoy Week 8!


Patrick Dolan: 14-1 last week; 79-26 overall

Neil Thompson: 14-1; 77-28

Jarrod Ulrey: 14-1; 77-28

Eric Frantz: 12-3; 76-29

Jeff Stevenson: 10-5; 74-31

Lee Cochran: 11-4; 73-32

Andy Resnik: 11-4; 73-32

Steve Blackledge: 13-2; 72-33

Scott Hennen: 11-4; 72-33

Frank DiRenna: 11-4; 70-35

Ryan Baker: 9-6; 69-36

Dave Purpura: 7-8; 68-37

Brad Emerine: 9-6; 66-39

John Hulkenberg: 8-7; 66-39

Scott Hummel: 9-6; 65-40