The playoffs are here, and so is the predictions panel. Just like the games played on the field, our title won’t be decided until the state finals.

Patrick Dolan entered last week in a three-way tie for first with Neil Thompson and Jarrod Ulrey. Dolan went 10-5 to take sole possession of first place by one game over Ulrey, who went 9-6, and three over Thompson, who went 7-8.

John Hulkenberg tied Lee Cochran for the best week at 11-4 to make the race at the other end of the standings just as close as he has climbed within one game of Scott Hummel, who went 8-7.

Enjoy the first round of the playoffs!


Patrick Dolan: 10-5 last week; 111-39 overall

Jarrod Ulrey: 9-6; 110-40

Neil Thompson: 7-8; 108-42

Lee Cochran: 11-4; 107-43

Eric Frantz: 8-7; 106-44

Andy Resnik: 9-6; 104-46

Steve Blackledge: 10-5; 102-48

Dave Purpura: 10-5; 102-48

Jeff Stevenson: 9-6; 101-49

Ryan Baker: 10-5; 100-50

Scott Hennen: 8-7; 100-50

Frank DiRenna: 7-8; 98-52

Brad Emerine: 9-6; 97-53

Scott Hummel: 8-7; 94-56

John Hulkenberg: 11-4; 93-57