The Central Catholic League recently released its boys soccer, girls soccer and girls volleyball honors for the 2018 season.

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First Team

Christian Buendia, St. Charles

Owen Sullivan, St. Charles

Ethan Marshall, St. Charles

Kevin Macias, St. Charles

Cristian Gomez, DeSales

Jack Francisco, DeSales

Mike Cockerell, DeSales

Matteo Agriesti, Hartley

Diego Pena, Hartley

Declan O’Brien, Hartley

Jack Nyhus, Watterson

Jonathon Goodman, Watterson

Luke Bergman, Ready

Second Team

Joseph Marchionda, St. Charles

Will Byorth, St. Charles

Josh Conroy, DeSales

Nick Fuchs, DeSales

Will Shaefer, DeSales

Ryan Hawk, Hartley

Carter Bjornson, Hartley

Max Hansell, Watterson

Peter Ganz, Watterson

Andrew Pardi, Watterson

Kyle Caisaguano, Ready

Alec Smetanko, Ready

Oliver Thimling, Ready


First Team

Emma Schossler, Watterson

Isabella Ginocchi, Watterson

Audrey Shea, Watterson

Annie McGraw, Watterson

Madi Rennie, DeSales

Lindsay Plymale, DeSales

Reese Elliot, DeSales

Caroline Leatherman, Hartley

Meghan Ballinger, Hartley

Grace Gill, Hartley

Hattie Person, CSG

Sydney Bennett, CSG

Ava Hurd, Ready

Second Team

Samantha Francis, Watterson

Kelsey Gleason, Watterson

Hannah Flora, DeSales

Julia Anderson, DeSales

Gabby Elliot, DeSales

Karli Barringer, Hartley

Helena Donaghy, Hartley

Maggie Houston, CSG

Eva Nicolosi, CSG

Blair Gilmcher, CSG

Caroline Buendia, Ready

Katelyn Paul, Ready

Lindsey Bair, Ready


First Team

Chiamaka Nwokolo, Hartley

Kayla Malone, Hartley

Colleen Sweeney, Hartley

Grace Jenkins, Watterson

Sydney Taylor, Watterson

Emma Brown, DeSales

Bella D’Amico, DeSales

Second Team

Alexa Wilson, Hartley

Olyvia Kennedy, Watterson

Kari Mercer, Watterson

Lainey McGonicle, DeSales

Avery Boyd, DeSales

Haley Kuproski, CSG

Bella Illig, Ready