The Mid-State League recently released its football honors for the 2018 season.

Below are the honorees for the MSL-Cardinal and MSL-Ohio divisions.

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First Team

Colt Culbertson, Berne Union

Chaz Dickerson, Berne Union

Koen Gronbach, Berne Union

Zane Mirgon, Berne Union

Matt Applegate, Zanesville Rosecrans

Carter Dosch, Zanesville Rosecrans

Nick Losco, Zanesville Rosecrans

Max Ross, Fairfield Christian

Christian Gaul, Fisher Catholic

Luke Maynard, Fisher Catholic

Cory McCall, Fisher Catholic

Brett Baker, Grove City Christian

Christian Lautenschleger, Grove City Christian

Zion Bangura, Harvest Prep

Khelin Jackson, Harvest Prep

Daquan Owens-Johnson, Harvest Prep

Jeffrey Ray, Harvest Prep

Elijah Rogers, Harvest Prep

Michael Hartings, Worthington Christian

Michael King, Worthington Christian

Luke Sharp, Worthington Christian

Collin McCrady, Fisher Catholic

Second Team

Landon Godenschwager, Berne Union

Tyler Householder, Berne Union

Jacob Hurst, Berne Union

Wyatt Miller, Berne Union

Marcus Browning, Zanesville Rosecrans

Dalton Proctor, Zanesville Rosecrans

David Forbes, Fairfield Christian

Hunter Moxley, Fairfield Christian

Aidan Coughlin, Fisher Catholic

Nick Krooner, Fisher Catholic

Daniel Turner, Fisher Catholic

Ethan Metsker, Grove City Christian

Alex Schuler, Grove City Christian

Jalen Davis, Harvest Prep

Phillip Gibson Perry, Harvest Prep

Rashaun Goings, Harvest Prep

Jaylon Jennings, Harvest Prep

Manny Mullens, Harvest Prep

Braden Anderson, Worthington Christian

Lucas Hartings, Worthington Christian

Garrett Woodfin, Worthington Christian

Honorable Mention

Noah Burroughs, Berne Union

Nick Heilman, Berne Union

Chase McCartney, Berne Union

Casey Biedenbach, Zanesville Rosecrans

Austin Church, Zanesville Rosecrans

Cam Hagy, Zanesville Rosecrans

Joe Furress, Fairfield Christian

Luke Peden, Fairfield Christian

Payton Young, Fairfield Christian

Trever Bowen, Fisher Catholic

Andrew Faulkner, Fisher Catholic

Mason Ortiz, Fisher Catholic

Josiah Bever, Grove City Christian

Lukas Hamilton, Grove City Christian

Tom Suhayda, Grove City Christian

Patrick Moore-Graves, Harvest Prep

Ralph Robinson, Harvest Prep

Joseph Temple, Harvest Prep

Jonah Anderson, Worthington Christian

Zach Hoheisel, Worthington Christian

Derek Holston, Worthington Christian


First Team

Anthony Welsh, Bexley

Dalyn DeCree, Columbus Academy

Harry Mills, Columbus Academy

Dorrian Moultrie, Columbus Academy

Hudson Jump, Grandview Heights

Luke Lachey, Grandview Heights

Sam Speaks, Grandview Heights

Caleb Shook, Liberty Union

Wyatt Sims, Liberty Union

Jack Gould, London

K.J. Price, London

Brennan Speiss, London

Bricker Thiel, London

Raymell Byrd, Whitehall-Yearling

Keon Freeman, Whitehall-Yearling

Isiah Oney, Whitehall-Yearling

Ryan Redifer, Whitehall-Yearling

Melvin Tinsley, Whitehall-Yearling

Sam Massick, Columbus Academy

Second Team

Carter Brenner, Bexley

Grant Sheridan, Bexley

Chris Boyle, Columbus Academy

Hayden Compton, Columbus Academy

Brady Hess, Columbus Academy

Joey Bertani, Grandview Heights

Cody Cook, Grandview Heights

Jack Wallace, Grandview Heights

Kobe Barnett, Liberty Union

Casey Fleahman, Liberty Union

Gavin Bonn, London

Richard Geib, London

Nick Schooley, London

Nate Wells, London

Christion Battiste, Whitehall-Yearling

Michael Bivens, Whitehall-Yearling

Stephuan Ellis, Whitehall-Yearling

Christian Gordon, Whitehall-Yearling

Honorable Mention

Simon Keller, Bexley

Thomas Lee, Bexley

Luke Robinson, Bexley

Donovan Simpson, Columbus Academy

Andrew Swartz, Columbus Academy

Carter Warstler, Columbus Academy

Trey Cook, Grandview Heights

Charlie James, Grandview Heights

Harrison Morosky, Grandview Heights

Jaidon Billingsley, Liberty Union

Darren Harkins, Liberty Union

Lonnie Lawhorn, Liberty Union

Juane Gardner, London

Brandon Leach, London

Dustin Massie, London

Juvaun Blackshear, Whitehall-Yearling

NiKai Cameron, Whitehall-Yearling

Von Williams, Whitehall-Yearling