The Ohio High School Athletic Association announced a pair of changes April 9 involving the state wrestling and girls basketball tournaments in 2020.

After previously being held during the first weekend of March as a Thursday-through-Saturday event, state wrestling was moved to the second weekend of March beginning in 2017.

Next season, the event will begin Friday, March 13, and be completed Sunday, March 15. It still will be held at Ohio State’s Schottenstein Center.

According to Tyler Brooks, the OHSAA’s director of sport management and its wrestling administrator, starting the state tournament on a Friday rather than a Thursday has been an “internal discussion point for a long time.”

The OHSAA is planning to make modifications to the tournament schedule so Sunday evening championship matches will conclude in a timely manner.

“Starting on Friday will mean less school and work time will be missed by those coming to the state tournament,” Brooks said in a press release. “This will also help with the state tournament staff and the Schottenstein Center’s staff working the event. In addition, the change will help avoid traffic and parking congestion on Thursday” around campus.

The OHSAA also announced that the state girls basketball tournament will not be held at the Schottenstein Center, although a new venue has not been finalized.

That also is the same weekend as the hockey and Division I boys and girls bowling state tournaments.

“Recently we moved the wrestling state tournament a week later so we aren’t competing with the Arnold Sports Festival downtown and (because of the) use of the Schott by the OSU men’s ice hockey team in their postseason,” OHSAA executive director Jerry Snodgrass said. “We had already published the future basketball season calendars for several years and we determined we couldn’t move the basketball seasons a week later right away, so for these next few years, the wrestling and girls basketball state tournaments will be on the same weekend.”