The Ohio Capital Conference recently released its boys lacrosse honors for the 2019 season.

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First Team

Dawson Kindall, Westerville Central

Khairi Sears, Olentangy

Mason Spaulding, Olentangy Liberty

Luke Muter, New Albany

Carson Tate, Olentangy Liberty

Mathew Barrett, Olentangy Liberty

Adam Blind, Olentangy Liberty

Ben Chaddock, New Albany

Brode White, New Albany

Tyson Chapman, Olentangy Liberty

Nathan Montgomery, Big Walnut

Peter Ackley, New Albany (Player of the Year)

Coach of the Year: Pat Boyce, Olentangy Orange (awarded posthumously)

Second Team

Alex Theuerkauf, Olentangy Liberty

Aidan Moore, Olentangy

Max Dupler, New Albany

Patrick Gurd, New Albany

Zach Kershner, Olentangy

Zach Hill, Olentangy Orange

Sam McInturf, Olentangy

Andrew Guagenti, Olentangy Liberty

Cody Roberts, New Albany

Peter Spallino, Olentangy Liberty

Bo Roby, Olentangy Orange

James Everson, Olentangy

Honorable Mention

Hunter Boehm, Olentangy

Perry Doran, New Albany

Ethan Hollern, Westerville South

Zach Rush, Westerville Central


First Team

Carter Barco, Dublin Jerome

Carson Kott, Worthington Kilbourne

Andrew Brim, Dublin Jerome

Brandon Infante, Dublin Jerome

Zach Dubai, Dublin Jerome

Adam Clay, Worthington Kilbourne

Dane Jackson, Worthington Kilbourne (Player of the Year)

Seth Martin, Dublin Jerome

Ray Prochko, Dublin Jerome

Max Kott, Worthington Kilbourne

Trey Welch, Dublin Jerome

Blake Eiland, Delaware Hayes

Coach of the Year: John Lyon, Delaware Hayes

Second Team

William Alban, Worthington Kilbourne

Hunter Piroska, Delaware Hayes

Jack Nebraska, Olentangy Berlin

Hayden Sydnor, Worthington Kilbourne

Aidan Ekis, Dublin Scioto

Jeremy Chapman, Dublin Scioto

Sam Warner, Olentangy Berlin

Paul Jarvis, Worthington Kilbourne

Pete Hrelec, Dublin Scioto

Jack Ellis, Worthington Kilbourne

Sam Lagando, Delaware Hayes

Jack Donahue, Dublin Jerome

Harrison Kline, Worthington Kilbourne

Honorable Mention

Evan Wleklinski, Dublin Jerome

Nick Gould, Dublin Scioto

Jake LeVette, Worthington Kilbourne

Gavin Angell, Olentangy Berlin

Cole McDermott, Thomas Worthington


First Team

Evan James, Dublin Coffman (Player of the Year)

Ethan Tyack, Dublin Coffman

Jack Mason, Upper Arlington

Micheal Kern, Upper Arlington

Zach Kasun, Dublin Coffman

Evan Annis, Hilliard Davidson

Drew Hellstedt, Upper Arlington

Sean Byrne, Upper Arlington

Nick Harris, Dublin Coffman

Sam Campbell, Upper Arlington

Cole Sundhiemer, Dublin Coffman

Jake Blevins, Hilliard Davidson

Coach of the Year: Shane Comisford, Dublin Coffman

Second Team

A.J. Achatz, Upper Arlington

Peter Tyack, Dublin Coffman

Kirk Myers, Hilliard Davidson

Troy McConnaughey, Dublin Coffman

Pierce Showe, Upper Arlington

Dom Marasco, Pickerington Central

Sean McCourt, Dublin Coffman

Jackson Vanderstoep, Dublin Coffman

Nathan Junk, Upper Arlington

Alex VanVoorhis, Hilliard Davidson

Ian Thomas, Dublin Coffman

Wyatt Bartlett, Dublin Coffman

Honorable Mention

Hassan Radda, Dublin Coffman

Shea Keethler, Upper Arlington

Andrew Woollard, Hilliard Davidson

Morgan Morrell, Pickerington Central

Larry Martin, Pickerington North

Brayden Williams, Newark

Collin Baschnagel, Marysville