The Central Catholic League recently released its boys soccer honors for the 2019 season.

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First Team

Will Byorth, St. Charles

Jake Koehler, St. Charles

Hayden Hospel, St. Charles

Ryan Gora, St. Charles

Jack Francisco, DeSales

Drew Hanley, DeSales

Will Shaffer, DeSales

Nahom Chegen, Hartley

Emmett Gillies, Hartley

Sean Price, Hartley

Anthony Fultz, Watterson

Trent Maisano, Watterson

Max Graham, Watterson

Luke Bergman, Ready

Second Team

Nick Kotte, St. Charles

Ben Saas, St. Charles

Josh Remeis, St. Charles

Andrew Shaffer, DeSales

Gabriel Weikert, DeSales

Zack Rennie, DeSales

Caleb Franz, Hartley

Matthew Nash, Hartley

Alex Gabriel, Hartley

Grant Twombly, Watterson

Colin Robinson, Watterson

Michael Segreto, Watterson

Bryant Huerta, Ready

Isaac Paul, Ready

Garrison Budd, Ready