The Ohio Capital Conference recently released its girls volleyball honors for the 2019 season.

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First Team

Madyson Chitty, Olentangy (Player of the Year)

London Davis, Olentangy Orange

Claranne Fechter, Olentangy Liberty

Hannah Borer, Olentangy Orange

Logan Flaugh, Olentangy Liberty

Riley Kindall, Westerville Central

Sophie Sparks, Olentangy

Coach of the Year: Katie Duy, Olentangy Orange

Second Team

Addison Evans, Olentangy Orange

Maddie Saunders, Westerville Central

Raegan Rosi, Olentangy Liberty

Madison Moll, Olentangy Orange

Clarke Gilchrist, Westerville North

Promise Winston, Westerville South

Sydney Novy, Olentangy Liberty

Special Mention

Josie Curran, Westerville Central

Ameena Freeman, Westerville North

Honorable Mention

Tazmin Appiah, Olentangy Orange

Sydney Reed, Olentangy Liberty

Anna Cecil, Olentangy

Ava Hampton, Westerville Central

Grace Link, Westerville North

Josephine Appia, Westerville South


First Team

Caroline Speelman, Big Walnut (Player of the Year)

Amanda Rarick, Canal Winchester

Emily Heintzelman, New Albany

Emi Waller, Canal Winchester

Gabby Stare, Newark

Kacy Morlan, New Albany

Kassie Bowmar, Big Walnut

Coach of the Year: Ron Lehman, Big Walnut

Second Team

Morgan Schull, Big Walnut

Avery Huntzinger, Canal Winchester

Gabby Wolfe, Newark

Andrea Page, New Albany

Michela Ayers, Groveport Madison

Alex Billings, Big Walnut

Haley Dennis, New Albany

Special Mention

Natalie Rarick, Canal Winchester

Layne Sanford, Newark

Honorable Mention

Raegen Bickley, Big Walnut

Shalea Byrd, Canal Winchester

Olivia Gittins, New Albany

Gab Miller-Barber, Newark

Lizarely Martinez, Groveport Madison

Bryanna Terrall, Franklin Heights


First Team

Allie Holland, Hilliard Bradley (Player of the Year)

Karleigh Rothe, Dublin Scioto

Riley Speelman, Hilliard Bradley

Lauren Bair, Worthington Kilbourne

Jaci Carpenter, Dublin Jerome

Lauren Erickson, Dublin Scioto

Olivia Zawadzki, Hilliard Darby

Coaches of the year: RyAnne Ufferman, Hilliard Bradley; Jackie Wilson, Dublin Scioto

Second Team

Olivia Karhoff, Worthington Kilbourne

Clare Flanagan, Hilliard Bradley

Mia Thompson, Delaware Hayes

Ayva Leon, Dublin Scioto

Alayna Johnson, Thomas Worthington

Lauren Young, Olentangy Berlin

Zeynip Yildiz, Worthington Kilbourne

Special Mention

Anna Alford, Hilliard Bradley

Surabhi Srinivasan, Dublin Jerome

Sophia Iosue, Hilliard Darby

Honorable Mention

Ashleigh Rothe, Dublin Scioto

Maggie Willis, Hilliard Bradley

Lily Podolan, Worthington Kilbourne

Caroline Zimovan, Dublin Jerome

Olivia Krumpe, Hilliard Darby

Anna Johnson, Delaware Hayes

Morgan Lenix, Olentangy Berlin

Kaleigh Palmer, Thomas Worthington


First Team

Sadie Brown, Dublin Coffman (Player of the Year)

Morgan Geddes, Central Crossing

Jenna Harold, Upper Arlington

Elyse Simensky, Hilliard Davidson

Alyssa Codner, Marysville

Angel Barrett, Dublin Coffman

Kenadee Winters, Westland

Coach of the Year: Kim Atherton, Dublin Coffman

Second Team

Leah Shumate, Dublin Coffman

India McCruter, Hilliard Davidson

Katherin Hayek, Upper Arlington

Peyton Ingle, Marysville

Kalista Prak, Westland

Olivia Castle, Central Crossing

Lindsey Buckley, Hilliard Davidson

Special Mention

Ella Durham, Dublin Coffman

Erin Murphy, Upper Arlington

Honorable Mention

Anna Dorencott, Dublin Coffman

Lillian Entenmann, Upper Arlington

Addison DeJesus, Hilliard Davidson

Rhiannon Gossett, Marysville

Delaney Pfieffer, Central Crossing

Alaina Russel, Westland


First Team

Anna Nie, Gahanna Lincoln (Player of the Year)

Molly Michalak, Grove City

Kaitlyn Rhoades, Pickerington North

Londyn Coles, Pickerington Central

Jessica Ricks, Reynoldsburg

Savannah Dryden, Lancaster

Lexi Tatum, Gahanna Lincoln

Coach of the Year: Molly Martin, Gahanna Lincoln

Second Team

Kendall White, Gahanna Lincoln

Lauren Greegor, Pickerington North

Lexi Bapst, Grove City

Brittany Miller, Pickerington Central

Alayja Gloyd, Pickerington Central

Lauren Lucas, Grove City

Campbell Noland, Lancaster

Special Mention

Kortney Grimm, Gahanna Lincoln

Brooke Norwood, Pickerington North

Honorable Mention

Kailey Mishler, Gahanna Lincoln

Lily Muszynski, Pickerington North

Emily Parrett, Grove City

Sydney Palenick, Pickerington Central

Olivia Kirksey, Reynoldsburg

Grace Vail, Lancaster