The Ohio Capital Conference recently released its boys soccer honors for the 2019 season.

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First Team

Jaggar Brooker, Olentangy Liberty (Player of the Year)

Blake Collins, Olentangy Liberty

Ludwig Conrad, Olentangy Liberty

Jason Stewart, Olentangy Orange

Kyle Stringer, Olentangy Orange

Brad Leonard, Westerville Central

Enrique Monzalvo, Westerville Central

Drew Clement, Olentangy

Colin McComb, Olentangy

Nick Lovell, Westerville South

Jacob Gruber, Westerville North

Coaches of the Year: Marc D’Auteuil, Olentangy Liberty; Noah Davidson, Westerville North

Second Team

Tyler Harris, Olentangy Liberty

Luke Sensky, Olentangy Liberty

Theran Handlon, Olentangy Liberty

Kellen Sargent, Olentangy Orange

Alex James, Olentangy Orange

Jack Kossoudji, Olentangy Orange

Tyrone Rukoro, Westerville Central

Aden Nowell, Westerville Central

Bennett Pinkerton, Olentangy

Christian Bowens, Olentangy

Anthony Vilardo, Westerville South

Owen Thompson, Westerville North

Special Mention

Nate Logozzo, Olentangy Liberty

Cole Lewis, Olentangy Orange

Alex Perrini, Westerville Central

Vik Hudson, Olentangy

Aidan Braxton, Westerville South

Jacob Grant, Westerville North

Honorable Mention

Liam Garcia, Olentangy Liberty

Nate Hoang, Olentangy Orange

Aaron Milliren, Westerville Central

Drew Beck, Olentangy

Ethan Gary, Westerville South

Rhyse Martin, Westerville North


First Team

Austin Snyder, Groveport Madison (Player of the Year)

Melvin Escamilla, Groveport Madison

Eddie Monroy, Groveport Madison

Luke Bailey, New Albany

Thomas Scheker, New Albany

Ian Monesmith, Canal Winchester

Sam Dowden, Canal Winchester

Chris Geddis, Big Walnut

Ryan Kline, Big Walnut

Aevian Ricketts, Newark

Sam Wiles, Franklin Heights

Coach of the Year: Tyler Gleason, Groveport Madison

Second Team

L.J. Minah, Groveport Madison

Jeffrey Asamoah, Groveport Madison

Caleb Dailey, Groveport Madison

Henri Heyes, New Albany

Matvey Besperstov, New Albany

Will Fischer, New Albany

Connor Kasiara, Canal Winchester

Jack Jenkins, Canal Winchester

Cody Lumby, Big Walnut

Izaak Oliver, Newark

Gerardo Carranza, Franklin Heights

Special Mention

David Pascua, Groveport Madison

Gaige Weiner, New Albany

Mark Hatley, Canal Winchester

Jack Wood, Big Walnut

Noah Dagois, Newark

Abdi Abdalla, Franklin Heights

Honorable Mention

Ali Alanfagi, Groveport Madison

Josh Metcalf, New Albany

Will Root, Canal Winchester

Ian Kroninger, Big Walnut

Evan Lyle, Newark

Alex Doroshenko, Franklin Heights


First Team

Zack McQuade, Dublin Scioto (co-Player of the Year)

Gavin Wigg, Dublin Scioto

Jayden Lunsford, Dublin Scioto

Brandon Kim, Worthington Kilbourne

Chris Guerra, Worthington Kilbourne (co-Player of the Year)

Dominic Antronica, Olentangy Berlin

Kyle Rinehart, Olentangy Berlin

Jacsen Luthy, Dublin Jerome

Young Mu Lee, Dublin Jerome

Devin Hess, Hilliard Bradley

Tony Baxendall, Hilliard Bradley

Drew Holman, Thomas Worthington

Zach Jasper, Hilliard Darby

Briggy Kannally, Delaware Hayes

Coaches of the Year: Erik Ekis, Dublin Scioto; Josh Diehl, Olentangy Berlin

Second Team

Jayden Tharp, Dublin Scioto

Braden Cunningham, Dublin Scioto

Marshall Smilonich, Dublin Scioto

Jimmy Sauder, Worthington Kilbourne

Braydon Biehn, Worthington Kilbourne

Keegan Smith, Worthington Kilbourne

Luke Eisenhower, Olentangy Berlin

Ryan Miller, Olentangy Berlin

Connor Moser, Dublin Jerome

Zac Meyers, Hilliard Bradley

Cameron McIntosh, Thomas Worthington

Trevor Burke, Hilliard Darby

Kyle Klumpp, Delaware Hayes

Special Mention

Declan Farrell, Dublin Scioto

Logan Evans, Worthington Kilbourne

John Kibat, Olentangy Berlin

Manny Morales, Dublin Jerome

Rishil Patel, Hilliard Bradley

Landon Chase, Thomas Worthington

Brian Watkins, Hilliard Darby

Kyle Martinez, Delaware Hayes

Honorable Mention

Collin McKenzie, Dublin Scioto

Tyler Katz, Worthington Kilbourne

Ethan Cochran, Olentangy Berlin

Tyler Dring, Dublin Jerome

Christian Harris, Hilliard Bradley

Owen Graham, Thomas Worthington

Luke Lassiter, Hilliard Darby

Dylan Ashworth, Delaware Hayes


First Team

Carter Ely, Hilliard Davidson (Player of the Year)

Charlie Riddle, Hilliard Davidson

Josh Burton, Hilliard Davidson

Joe Cannon, Upper Arlington

Nate Erre, Upper Arlington

Conner DesRoches, Dublin Coffman

Braden Shoaf, Dublin Coffman

Ryan Walters, Marysville

Logan Clute, Marysville

TeiTu Bawi, Westland

Marcos Rios-Gutierrez, Central Crossing

Coach of the Year: Dan Hoover, Hilliard Davidson

Second Team

Sean Carrier, Hilliard Davidson

Daiki Matsuoka, Hilliard Davidson

Lorenzo Nieves, Hilliard Davidson

Perry Stevenson, Upper Arlington

Anthony Reisman, Upper Arlington

Sergio Ly, Upper Arlington

Ryan Sommerfeld, Dublin Coffman

Lucas Sarver, Dublin Coffman

Nick McIntosh, Marysville

Abraham Perez, Westland

Ben Kelly, Central Crossing

Special Mention

Cole Donnellon, Hilliard Davidson

Evan D’Herete, Upper Arlington

Joe Gallo, Dublin Coffman

Joey Duke, Marysville

Junior Garcia, Westland

Isaiah Prophet, Central Crossing

Honorable Mention

Jacob Wells, Hilliard Davidson

Alex Woods, Upper Arlington

Trent McConnaughey, Dublin Coffman

J.J. Riggsby, Marysville

Khalil Suleman, Westland

Tyler Terrell, Central Crossing


First Team

Nick Wallace, Reynoldsburg

Jackson Harms, Reynoldsburg

Pawan Rai, Reynoldsburg

Reece Allbaugh, Pickerington North (Player of the Year)

Antonio Zarate, Pickerington North

Garvin Osei-Frimpong, Pickerington Central

Koen Droese, Pickerington Central

Jarrett Lukacsko, Gahanna Lincoln

Payton Smith, Gahanna Lincoln

Nick Isaac, Grove City

Phillip Slater, Lancaster

Coach of the Year: Tony Labudovski, Reynoldsburg

Second Team

Yobiel Fishation, Reynoldsburg

Kevonn Rayford, Reynoldsburg

Nate Russell, Reynoldsburg

Jason Grispino, Pickerington North

Cameron Williams, Pickerington North

Cade DeMattio, Pickerington North

Kwame Amoaka, Pickerington Central

Mirnes Bubalo, Pickerington Central

Josh Gates, Gahanna Lincoln

Casey Thompson, Grove City

Brian Shupp, Lancaster

Special Mention

Veron Fongeh, Reynoldsburg

Duvall Brannon, Pickerington North

Cavan Castellon, Pickerington Central

Noah Erick, Gahanna Lincoln

A.B. Abdullahi, Grove City

Trystan Goodyear, Lancaster

Honorable Mention

Brady Frydl, Reynoldsburg

Cory Pulles, Pickerington North

Elvis Fianko, Pickerington Central

Brenton Molli, Gahanna Lincoln

Brayden Harvey, Grove City

Dylan Igo, Lancaster