The Mid-State League recently released its football honors for the 2019 season.

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First Team

Patrick Beck, Bexley

Troy Redmond, Bexley

Luke Robinson, Bexley

Andy Anthony, Buckeye Valley

Edward Reely, Buckeye Valley

Carter Warstler, Columbus Academy (co-Back of the Year)

Philip Soderberg, Columbus Academy

Brady Hess, Columbus Academy

Gyvnn Mendenhall, Columbus Academy

Luke Lachey, Grandview Heights (co-Back of the Year)

Joey Bertani, Grandview Heights (Lineman of the Year)

Charlie James, Grandview Heights

Elijah Rogers, Harvest Prep

Khelin Jackson, Harvest Prep

Javon Eggert, Harvest Prep

Jaylen Jennings, Harvest Prep

Phillip Gibson-Perry, Harvest Prep

Dylan Anthony, Liberty Union

Nikai Cameron, Whitehall-Yearling

Stephaun Ellis, Whitehall-Yearling

Melvin Tinsley, Whitehall-Yearling

Sam Massick, Columbus Academy

Second Team

Ethan Fosnaugh, Bexley

Michael Agriesti, Bexley

Christopher Conner, Bexley

Andre Ash, Buckeye Valley

Donovan Simpson, Columbus Academy

Robert Mills, Columbus Academy

Max Brown, Columbus Academy

Vaughn Armour, Columbus Academy

Darreion Davis, Grandview Heights

Glenn Cribbs, Grandview Heights

Matt Taylor, Grandview Heights

Joseph Temple, Harvest Prep

Rashawn Goines, Harvest Prep

Manny Mullens, Harvest Prep

DeSean Bonte, Harvest Prep

Michael Dungey, Harvest Prep

Lonnie Lawhorn, Liberty Union

Austin Ety, Liberty Union

Christian Gordon, Whitehall-Yearling

Da’Leon Jackson, Whitehall-Yearling

Von Williams, Whitehall-Yearling

Honorable Mention

Grant Sheridan, Bexley

Phillip Martin, Bexley

Justin Mauk, Bexley

Joseph Smothers, Buckeye Valley

Anthony Hughes, Buckeye Valley

Mason Hatcher, Buckeye Valley

Keir Gorospe, Columbus Academy

Chris Sugar, Columbus Academy

Carter James, Columbus Academy

Kyle Casey, Grandview Heights

Trey Cook, Grandview Heights

Alex Sterneker, Grandview Heights

Esco Davis, Harvest Prep

Langston Perry, Harvest Prep

Aidan Rogers, Harvest Prep

Barrett Young, Liberty Union

Ty Boggs, Liberty Union

Braden Shook, Liberty Union

Juvaun Blackshear, Whitehall-Yearling

James Lehew, Whitehall-Yearling

Charles Miller, Whitehall-Yearling


First Team

Koen Gronbach, Berne Union (Lineman of the Year)

Tyler Householder, Berne Union

Landon Godenschwager, Berne Union

Payton Young, Fairfield Christian

Wyatt Schulz, Fairfield Christian

Christian Gaul, Fisher Catholic

Trey Fabrocini, Fisher Catholic

Kaden Starcher, Fisher Catholic

Conner Swartz, Fisher Catholic

Joe Gallagher, Grove City Christian

Christian Lautenschleger, Grove City Christian

Lucas Hartings, Worthington Christian (Back of the Year)

Braden Anderson, Worthington Christian

D.J. Moore, Worthington Christian

Caleb Harper, Worthington Christian

Jeb Burford, Worthington Christian

Second Team

Noah Burroughs, Berne Union

Carson Kellenbarger, Berne Union

Sammy Amnah, Berne Union

Zi Pardon, Fairfield Christian

Ben Janita, Fisher Catholic

Caden McColley, Fisher Catholic

Nicholas Krooner, Fisher Catholic

Justin Starkey, Fisher Catholic

Josiah Bever, Grove City Christian

Garrett Baker, Grove City Christian

Zach Hoheisel, Worthington Christian

Jaiden Reynolds, Worthington Christian

Jake Thompson, Worthington Christian

Tyler White, Worthington Christian

Chase Fourman, Worthington Christian

Honorable Mention

Jacob Harmon, Berne Union

Nate Nemeth, Berne Union

Drew Berstler, Berne Union

Samuel Ranch, Fairfield Christian

Julius Wilson, Fairfield Christian

Cameron Collins, Fairfield Christian

Colton Yeager, Fisher Catholic

Ryan Gundelfinger, Fisher Catholic

Joe Slaughter, Fisher Catholic

Henry Arias, Grove City Christian

Koby Brunney, Grove City Christian

Jayden Hanks, Grove City Christian

Dillon Fulks, Worthington Christian

Ryan Snedecor, Worthington Christian

Josh Carrel, Worthington Christian


First Team

Peyton Madison, Amanda-Clearcreek

Jayse Miller, Amanda-Clearcreek

Jesse Connell, Amanda-Clearcreek

Seth Hoffman, Amanda-Clearcreek

Otto Kuhns, Bloom-Carroll (Back of the Year)

Damion Fugate, Bloom-Carroll

Trace Wisecarver, Bloom-Carroll

Luke Ferrell, Bloom-Carroll

Cameron Shirkey, Bloom-Carroll

Isac Payne, Circleville

Michael Clark, Circleville

Isaac Daugherty, Fairfield Union

Nate Schmelzer, Fairfield Union

Dre Stevens, Hamilton Township

Deshan Peart, Hamilton Township

Malcolm Denny, Hamilton Township

Conner Robinson, Logan Elm

Evan Valentine, Logan Elm

Lucas Breniser, Teays Valley (Lineman of the Year)

Tristan McDanel, Teays Valley

Gage Weiler, Teays Valley

Riely Weiss, Teays Valley

Second Team

Anthony Buckley, Amanda-Clearcreek

Quintin Lott, Amanda-Clearcreek

Lane Stevens, Amanda-Clearcreek

Brock Banker, Amanda-Clearcreek

Evan Willet, Bloom-Carroll

Hobie Scarberry, Bloom-Carroll

Josh Evans, Bloom-Carroll

Cody Harmon, Bloom-Carroll

Wyatt Thatcher, Circleville

Colin Michael, Circleville

Chase Smith, Fairfield Union

Tyler Blake, Fairfield Union

Josiah Beverly, Hamilton Township

Brad Maynard, Hamilton Township

Ato Forson, Hamilton Township

Donte Dryden, Logan Elm

Peyton Bennett, Logan Elm

Cooper Booth, Teays Valley

Kade Kirkpatrick, Teays Valley

Clayton Knox, Teays Valley

Michael Struckman, Teays Valley

Honorable Mention

Alex Fairchild, Amanda-Clearcreek

Cory McCall, Amanda-Clearcreek

Tim Smith, Amanda-Clearcreek

Eli Coppess, Bloom-Carroll

Brandon Totten, Bloom-Carroll

Caleb Swartz, Bloom-Carroll

Shawn Hesson, Circleville

Andres Loving, Circleville

Jesse Fuller, Circleville

Ethan Seesholtz, Fairfield Union

Blayde Patton, Fairfield Union

Tucker Thomas, Fairfield Union

Gage Blosser, Hamilton Township

Riley Gibbs, Hamilton Township

Brock McGuire, Hamilton Township

Ethan Smith, Logan Elm

Matt Dyer, Logan Elm

Collin Roar, Logan Elm

Zion Bowling, Teays Valley

Eli Burgett, Teays Valley

Camden Primmer, Teays Valley