The Ohio Capital Conference recently released its girls soccer honors for the 2019 season.

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First Team

Grace Poorbaugh, Olentangy Orange (Player of the Year)

Payton Kaufman, Olentangy Orange

Sophia Leonetti, Olentangy Orange

Kylee Beinecke, Olentangy

Carly Ross, Olentangy

Makayla Parry, Westerville North

Hanna Cripe, Westerville North

Nora Gilger, Olentangy Liberty

Emma Lindsey, Olentangy Liberty

Kate Schimmel, Westerville Central

Emma Secrest, Westerville South

Coach of the Year: Tim Lawrence, Olentangy Orange

Second Team

Amanda Poorbaugh, Olentangy Orange

Maia Kaufman, Olentangy Orange

Keeley Galloway, Olentangy Orange

Katie Scott, Olentangy

Rachel Austin, Olentangy

Madeline Hall, Olentangy

Abigail Markley, Westerville North

Allison Rothman, Westerville North

Quinn Casey, Olentangy Liberty

Maria Givens, Westerville Central

Sunny Weisenberger, Westerville South

Special Mention

Ava Musgrove, Olentangy Orange

Audrey Oliver, Olentangy

Nia Nassey, Westerville North

Elise Koshan, Olentangy Liberty

Natalee Koenig, Westerville Central

Ruthie Curry, Westerville South

Honorable Mention

Abby Faulkner, Olentangy Orange

Olivia Johnston, Olentangy

Alyssa Wright, Westerville North

Grace Linscott, Olentangy Liberty

Nya Olmsted, Westerville Central

Mae Riggs, Westerville South


First Team

Morgan Bodker, Big Walnut

Avery Schone Big Walnut

Alexis Schone, Big Walnut

Sydney Byrd, Canal Winchester

Lexi Snider, Canal Winchester

Keely Snode, Canal Winchester (co-Player of the Year)

Kelis Brown, New Albany (co-Player of the Year)

Morgan Wiest, New Albany

Morgan Somers, Newark

Nicolette Liesen, Newark

Lyla Khanthachack, Groveport Madison

Molly Clark, Franklin Heights

Coach of the Year: Chris Allen, Big Walnut

Second Team

Alyssa Tamey, Big Walnut

Payton Carter, Big Walnut

Ella Froehlich, Big Walnut

Tori Auld, Canal Winchester

Angela Postage, Canal Winchester

Josie Sanders, Canal Winchester

Faith Grisdale, New Albany

Jordan Conley, New Albany

Emily Dietz, Newark

Emilie Sithixay, Groveport Madison

Kaitlyn Musick, Franklin Heights

Special Mention

Avery Mexeiner, Big Walnut

Anaya Edwards, Canal Winchester

Madison Cofer, New Albany

Ali Farnsworth, Newark

Alissa Blackstone, Groveport Madison

Abby Boldt, Franklin Heights

Honorable Mention

Annie Thomas, Big Walnut

Lindsey Davis, Canal Winchester

Scarlett Tischer, New Albany

Zoe Milton, Newark

Sydney Wermter, Groveport Madison

Judit Ramos, Franklin Heights


First Team

Riley Mullady, Dublin Jerome (Player of the Year)

Sophie Magilligan, Dublin Jerome

Nicole Ogden, Dublin Jerome

Emily Keck, Hilliard Bradley

Julianna Lundy, Hilliard Bradley

Avery Jantonio, Hilliard Bradley

McKinley Hoffman, Olentangy Berlin

Sydney Walker, Olentangy Berlin

Naomi Walters, Hilliard Darby

Maddy Leone, Hilliard Darby

Eleanor DeMartini, Thomas Worthington

Tiffany Trinh, Dublin Scioto

Abby Weller, Delaware Hayes

Abby English, Worthington Kilbourne

Coach of the Year: Becky Alcox, Hilliard Bradley

Second Team

Kirsten Mitchell, Dublin Jerome

Kristen Francis, Dublin Jerome

Sydney Browning, Dublin Jerome

Macy Enneking, Hilliard Bradley

McKenzy Kuhn, Hilliard Bradley

Delaney Porter, Hilliard Bradley

Ruth Pfeiffer, Olentangy Berlin

Olivia Neidhardt, Olentangy Berlin

Zayna Hampton, Hilliard Darby

Casey Rigel, Hilliard Darby

Michayla Gussler, Thomas Worthington

Rachel Fullerton, Dublin Scioto

Sydney McMillin, Delaware Hayes

Celeste Sloma, Worthington Kilbourne

Special Mention

Sophia Penegor, Dublin Jerome

Lauren Cerda, Hilliard Bradley

Cameryn Susey, Olentangy Berlin

Mackenzie Hessick, Hilliard Darby

Clair Sever, Thomas Worthington

Kyle Nettles, Dublin Scioto

Payje Wilson, Delaware Hayes

Molly Humphrey, Worthington Kilbourne

Honorable Mention

Maya Fuller, Dublin Jerome

Emily Marschhausen, Hilliard Bradley

Cara Susey, Olentangy Berlin

Carli Rigel, Hilliard Darby

Sophie Tyler, Thomas Worthington

Kiarah Richardson, Dublin Scioto

Hayli Marsch, Delaware Hayes

Ella Bally, Worthington Kilbourne


First Team

Emma Barthel, Dublin Coffman (Player of the Year)

Simone Rivard-Roberts, Dublin Coffman

Kinsey Crabtree, Dublin Coffman

Alivia Wile, Hilliard Davidson

Sydney Thompson, Hilliard Davidson

Jenna Rioch, Marysville

Kindall Duke, Marysville

Ellena Schildmeyer, Upper Arlington

Camryn Callaghan, Upper Arlington

Georgia Lakso, Central Crossing

Bella Garner, Westland

Coach of the Year: Heather Coonfare, Hilliard Davidson

Second Team

Lara Schober, Dublin Coffman

Addie Vaccari, Dublin Coffman

Norah Roush, Dublin Coffman

Sonia Vargas, Hilliard Davison

Elizabeth Wile, Hilliard Davidson

Audrey Gibson-Zweifel, Hilliard Davidson

Emma Armstrong, Marysville

Kassidy Lee, Marysville

Katerina Regules, Upper Arlington

Mariana Lopez-Hererra, Central Crossing

Reagan Schumacher, Westland

Special Mention

Olivia Alford, Dublin Coffman

Ellie Brorien, Hilliard Davidson

Maddie Gognat, Marysville

Grace Wild, Upper Arlington

Rachel Jaynes, Central Crossing

Cynthia Stevens, Westland

Honorable Mention

Amanda Bailey, Dublin Coffman

Emma Wells, Hilliard Davidson

Keely Baker, Marysville

Carolyn Stehle, Upper Arlington

Christa Phillips, Central Crossing

Jennifer Rodas, Westland


First Team

Kendall Jameson, Grove City (co-Player of the Year)

Anjuli Anderson, Grove City

Kennedy Fulks, Grove City

Katie Stafford, Gahanna Lincoln (co-Player of the Year)

Emily Beach, Gahanna Lincoln

Haley Moore, Pickerington North

Claire Combs, Pickerington North

Tatum McElwain, Pickerington Central

Lauryn Evans, Pickerington Central

Ryanna Buck, Reynoldsburg

Isabella Galecki, Lancaster

Coach of the Year: Josh Keller, Grove City

Second Team

Natalie Querry, Grove City

Alexia Jones, Grove City

Maria Rossi, Grove City

Peyton Marquez, Gahanna Lincoln

Kynsie Jonke, Gahanna Lincoln

Thalia Johnson, Gahanna Lincoln

Tori Haggit, Pickerington North

Jackie Norris, Pickerington North

Kelsey Knudsen, Pickerington Central

Cassidy Collins, Reynoldsburg

Regina Stuckey, Lancaster

Special Mention

Morgan Dible, Grove City

Ryanna Michel, Gahanna Lincoln

Lindsi Filippi, Pickerington North

Lexey Sheets, Pickerington Central

Isabelle Fuentes, Reynoldsburg

Carmen Morris, Lancaster

Honorable Mention

Reganne Elliot, Grove City

Hannah Cumbow, Gahanna Lincoln

Kara Thomas, Pickerington North

Kyah Ewing, Pickerington Central

Alexis Sheffield, Reynoldsburg

Josselyn Jewell, Lancaster