The Ohio Capital Conference recently released its football honors for the 2019 season.

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First Team

Ben Cox, Olentangy Liberty

Dylan Stevens, Olentangy Liberty

Kaden Tong, Olentangy Liberty

Matthew Barrett, Olentangy Liberty

Tyus Thompson, Olentangy Liberty

Reuben Simiyu, Westerville North

Michael Mansaray, Westerville South

Patrick Peterson, Westerville South

Jake Llaneza, Westerville South

Eman Alfred, Westerville South

Trent Maddox, Olentangy

Jake Coleman, Olentangy

Mitchell Grubb, Olentangy

Jace Middleton, Olentangy

Zeke Healy, Westerville Central (co-Player of the Year)

Myles Williamson, Westerville Central

Judah Holtzclaw, Westerville Central

Luke Swaney, Westerville Central

Reece Dunham, Olentangy Orange

Najib Talukder, Olentangy Orange

Spencer Hawkins, Olentangy Orange

Zach Hill, Olentangy Orange (co-Player of the Year)

Jake Vanchieri, Olentangy Orange

Sam Wyne, Olentangy Orange

Kicker: Jack Behre, Olentangy Orange

Punter: Jack Fenton, Olentangy Orange

Coach of the Year: Zebb Schroeder, Olentangy Orange

Second Team

A.J. Rausch, Olentangy Liberty

Drew Thornton, Olentangy Liberty

Ben Flees, Olentangy Liberty

Cam Barcus, Olentangy Liberty

Brennan Albertini, Westerville North

Charles Perkins, Westerville North

Brandon Armstrong, Westerville South

Kaden Saunders, Westerville South

Devin Oteng-Achamfour, Westerville South

Jesse DeVore, Westerville South

Toby Wilson, Olentangy

Ethan Hand, Olentangy

Caleb Gossett, Olentangy

Josiah Seymour, Olentangy

Rickey Hyatt, Westerville Central

Darius Madison, Westerville Central

Braden Weimer, Westerville Central

J.J. Johnson, Westerville Central

Caden Konczak, Olentangy Orange

Zane Lattig, Olentangy Orange

Josh Laisure, Olentangy Orange

Joey Guagenti, Olentangy Orange

Kicker: Hayden Olcott, Olentangy

Punter: Hunter Weigand, Westerville North

Special Mention

Miller Ridpath, Olentangy Liberty

Sylvester Bockarie, Westerville North

Jaelon Gordon, Westerville South

Jason Feasel, Olentangy

Vince Francescone, Westerville Central

Connor Mathena, Olentangy Orange

Honorable Mention

Jack Forsman, Olentangy Liberty

Maximus Plaxico, Westerville North

Brendan Cleaver, Westerville South

Zack Kershner , Olentangy

Logan Moore, Westerville Central

Alex Lopez, Olentangy Orange


First Team

Jasiyah Robinson, Groveport Madison (Defensive Player of the Year)

Te-Rah Edwards, Groveport Madison

Emmanuel Anthony, Groveport Madison

Nicholas Wheeler, Groveport Madison

Darrell Smoot, Groveport Madison

Skylar Mouser, Groveport Madison

Ray McDonald, Franklin Heights

Jaden Woods, Newark

Jake Sherman , Newark

Jagger Barnett, Big Walnut

Max Lenz, Big Walnut

Lucas Ronk, Big Walnut

Jack Beeler, Canal Winchester

Stephan Byrd, Canal Winchester (co-Offensive Player of the Year)

Tyler Toledo, Canal Winchester

Kevin Prior, Canal Winchester

Blaine Riley, Canal Winchester

Avery Musick, Canal Winchester

Reed Hall, New Albany (co-Offensive Player of the Year)

Brody Kidwell, New Albany

Braedon Elwer, New Albany

Mechi McCaulley, New Albany

Kevin Spelman, New Albany

Patrick Gurd, New Albany

Kicker: Austin Snyder, Groveport Madison

Punter: Tyler Toledo, Canal Winchester

Coach of the Year: Bryan Schoonover, Groveport Madison

Second Team

Jalil Underdown, Groveport Madison

Jashaun McGraw, Groveport Madison

John Motton, Groveport Madison

Allan Joyce, Groveport Madison

TalonDre Barker, Franklin Heights

Artrell Saunders, Franklin Heights

Trei Dansby, Newark

Logan Swonger, Newark

Johnathon Wieber, Newark

Ryan Coletta, Big Walnut

Tyler Crotinger, Big Walnut

Quintin Humphries, Big Walnut

Michael Wilson, Canal Winchester

Logan Beckwith, Canal Winchester

Hunter Allen, Canal Winchester

Trevor Carver, Canal Winchester

Dominic Zappitelli, New Albany

Luke Dovell, New Albany

Brock Tibbitts, New Albany

Tim Marshall, New Albany

Kicker: Avery Musick, Canal Winchester

Punter: Camden Gladden, Big Walnut

Special Mention

Ryan Burke, Groveport Madison

Jeffery Beverly, Franklin Heights

Garrett Kashner, Newark

A.J. Leasure, Big Walnut

Jordan Crump, Canal Winchester

Garrett St. John, New Albany

Honorable Mention

Makarius Mosley, Groveport Madison

Jamacan Sizemore, Franklin Heights

Gabe Madden, Newark

Caden Williams, Big Walnut

Dominic Davis, Canal Winchester

Ian Hoff, New Albany


First Team

Scott Sonnanstine, Dublin Jerome

Dominic Nardone, Dublin Jerome

Joe Huber, Dublin Jerome

Adam Booth, Dublin Jerome

Nate Kovach, Dublin Jerome

Ryan Miller, Dublin Jerome (Offensive Player of the Year)

Connor Jones, Hilliard Darby (Defensive Player of the Year)

Scott Hartline, Hilliard Darby

Bradley Weaver, Hilliard Darby

Geno Sekura, Hilliard Darby

Evan Grose, Hilliard Darby

Jake Hill, Olentangy Berlin

Noah Dursik, Olentangy Berlin

Trevor Scott, Olentangy Berlin

Jacob Moeller, Olentangy Berlin

Johnny Spinner, Olentangy Berlin

Jacob Curl, Hilliard Bradley

A.J. Mirgon, Hilliard Bradley

Dillon Ysseldyke, Hilliard Bradley

Blake Eiland, Delaware Hayes

Manny Herraiz , Worthington Kilbourne

Sheron Phipps, Thomas Worthington

Reese Dykstra, Thomas Worthington

Chad Ray, Dublin Scioto

Pete Hrelec, Dublin Scioto

Kicker: Jacob Lewis, Olentagy Berlin

Punter: Mitchell Tomasak, Worthington Kilbourne

Coaches of the Year: Bob Gecewich, Dublin Jerome; Mark Nori, Olentagy Berlin

Second Team

Travis Leonard, Dublin Jerome

Ryan Richards, Dublin Jerome

Jacob Nally, Dublin Jerome

Jack Soehner, Dublin Jerome

Blayne Barnes , Hilliard Darby

Creed Galko, Hilliard Darby

Alex Briggs, Hilliard Darby

Jack Stultz, Hilliard Darby

Corey Hill, Olentangy Berlin

Bennett Lawrence, Olentagy Berlin

Justin Rader, Olentagy Berlin

Cole Troyer, Olentagy Berlin

Luke Erwin, Hilliard Bradley

Zach Komlosi, Hilliard Bradley

Tayshaun Mayfield, Hilliard Bradley

Sebastian Meehan, Delaware Hayes

Jahi Broussard Nash, Delaware Hayes

Jacob Keslar, Worthington Kilbourne

Mitchell Tomasek, Worthington Kilbourne

Bassil Hasan, Thomas Worthington

Cam Beatty, Thomas Worthington

Alex Ritchie, Thomas Worthington

Deron Pulliam, Dublin Scioto

Tobias Thomas, Dublin Scioto

Yousef Alchahal, Dublin Scioto

Kicker: Declan Farrell, Dublin Scioto

Punter: Jacob Moeller, Berlin

Special Mention

Sammy Stoner, Dublin Jerome

Griffin Hart, Hilliard Darby

Jack Nebraska, Olentangy Berlin

David Metzler, Hilliard Bradley

Nabil Abdus-salaam, Delaware Hayes

Carter Haase, Kilbourne

Nathan Bourghese, Thomas Worthington

Alex Mar, Dublin Scioto

Honorable Mention

Dan Wilson, Dublin Jerome

Ryan Morbitzer, Hilliard Darby

Antonio Alonso, Olentangy Berlin

Jack Pugh, Hilliard Bradley

Orion Ward, Delaware Hayes

Terrique Gray, Worthington Kilbourne

James Gaiters , Thomas Worthington

Xavier Lopes, Dublin Scioto


First Team

Anthony Lowe, Central Crossing

Trent Rivers, Central Crossing

Jacob Leve, Upper Arlington

Sean McRae, Upper Arlington

Jack Flowers, Upper Arlington

Chris Schweisthal, Upper Arlington

Marco Landolfi, Upper Arlington

Shea Keethler, Upper Arlington

Aboubakare Dabo, Westland

Ian Johnson, Marysville (Defensive Player of the Year)

Chase Kilgore, Marysville

Matt Belt, Marysville

Moussa Diallo, Dublin Coffman

Colton Wolfe, Dublin Coffman

Nick Sayles, Dublin Coffman

Ethan Simpson, Dublin Coffman

Jameel Williamson, Dublin Coffman

Bryon Threats, Dublin Coffman (Offensive Player of the Year)

Nick Sands, Hilliard Davidson

Kris Thornton, Hilliard Davidson

Alex Painter, Hilliard Davidson

Cam Curry, Hilliard Davidson

Evan Tekancic, Hilliard Davidson

Zach Woo, Hilliard Davidson

Kicker: Sean Carrier, Hilliard Davidson

Punter: Garett Junk, Upper Arlington

Coaches of the Year: Mark Crabtree, Dublin Coffman; Jeremy Scally, Upper Arlington; Brian White, Hilliard Davidson

Second Team

Lance Blackwell, Central Crossing

Tristen Needham, Central Crossing

Kyren Maliq-Glaze, Central Crossing

Carson Gresock, Upper Arlington

Zayne Ritchey, Upper Arlington

Liam Keethler, Upper Arlington

Dominic Chiavaroli, Upper Arlington

Peterson Iresne, Westland

Seth Westmoreland, Westland

Gabe Powers, Marysville

Jake Carper, Marysville

Colby Goodwin, Marysville

Conor Mathews, Dublin Coffman

Maguire Davis, Dublin Coffman

Hammond Russell, Dublin Coffman

Daniel Warnsman, Dublin Coffman

Jon Weir, Hilliard Davidson

Alex Vanvoorhis, Hilliard Davidson

Kevin Roberts, Hilliard Davidson

Dylan Kokoska, Hilliard Davidson

Kicker: Casey Magyar, Dublin Coffman

Punter: Tyler Terrell, Central Crossing

Special Mention

Tye Bradley, Central Crossing

David Adams, Upper Arlington

Colton Bogle, Westland

Mike Cogossi, Marysville

O.J. Morris, Dublin Coffman

Bobby Smith, Hilliard Davidson

Honorable Mention

Matt Frye, Central Crossing

Miachael Ballenger, Upper Arlington

Jakob Hurley, Westland

Brody Lewis, Marysville

Cam Kirk, Dublin Coffman

Dylan Bunyak, Hilliard Davidson


First Team

Curtis Young, Lancaster

Max Hamilton, Lancaster

Shon Strickland, Reynoldsburg

Jalen Bowens, Reynoldsburg

James Dean, Reynoldsburg

Demeatric Crenshaw, Pickerington Central (Offensive Player of the Year)

Ty Hamilton, Pickerington Central

Anthony Lampron, Pickerington Central

Dom Marasco, Pickerington Central

Lorenzo Styles Jr., Pickerington Central

Alec Hammer, Pickerington Central

Chris Scott, Pickerington North

Jack Sawyer, Pickerington North (Defensive Player of the Year)

D.J. Davenport, Pickerington North

Javontea Robinson, Pickerington North

Wyatt Stoddard, Pickerington North

Travis Whittaker, Gahanna Lincoln

Will Thomas, Gahanna Lincoln

Ache' Sanchez-Baccus, Gahanna Lincoln

Mason Weber, Gahanna Lincoln

Blake Stevens, Grove City

Kicker: Cocy Goff, Reynoldsburg

Punter: Drew Bookman, Pickerington Central

Coach of the Year: Jay Sharrett, Pickerington Central

Second Team

Owen Snyder, Lancaster

Casey Finck, Lancaster

Dalton Golden, Lancaster

Courtland Bullard, Reynoldsburg

Robert McClain, Reynoldsburg

Andree Mocki, Reynoldsburg

Conner Burgess, Pickerington Central

C.J. Doggette, Pickerington Central

Nick Mosley, Pickerington Central

Garner Wallace, Pickerington Central

Lawson Vaughn, Pickerington North

Josiah Williams, Pickerington North

Dris Lawrence, Pickerington North

Colby Baker, Pickerington North

Khalil Johnson , Gahanna Lincoln

Cam Morris, Gahanna Lincoln

Qwyn Williams, Gahanna Lincoln

Luke Baker, Gahanna Lincoln

Joey Woolard, Grove City

Kicker: Tanner Pope, Pickerington North

Punter: Curtis Young, Lancaster

Special Mention

Devon Pearson, Lancaster

Dalton Hall, Reynoldsburg

Tyler Gillison, Pickerington Central

Trent Robinson, Pickerington North

Tommy Bailey, Gahanna Lincoln

Will Moore, Grove City

Honorable Mention

Cole Smith, Lancaster

Johron Johnson, Reynoldsburg

Jakii Alston, Pickerington Central

Tyce Neu, Pickerington North

Brendan Raymond, Gahanna Lincoln

Jared Knight, Grove City